Masters Fans Rail Against ESPN, Others For Ignoring Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson used to be the biggest draw in golf not named Tiger Woods, yet viewers have barely seen Lefty over the first two days of The Masters despite him being very much in contention.

Surely just coincidence!

In fact, the only real Mickelson news you've likely read involved Friday playing partner Si Woo Kim's shirt, which was a pretty obvious snide at Phil.

Mickelson, meanwhile, currently enters the weekend 4-under and in a tie for 10th ahead of his 12:30 tee time Saturday. The former Masters champ is eight shots back of fellow LIV buddy, Brooks Koepka.

And, speaking of LIV ... yeah, the internet is a lot of things, but it ain't stupid ... some of the time.

Are ESPN and other networks purposely ignoring Phil Michelson at The Masters?

I'll be honest with you -- I've been in and out of The Masters the last two days. I do have to work, you know.

That being said, even I was surprised when I saw Phil on the first page of the leaderboard -- not because he's not good enough, but because I literally hadn't seen a single thing about it.

Two years ago, Phil Mickelson entering moving day at The Masters T10 would've been must-see TV. Anyone remember the PGA a few years back?

It was electric, and we even got the added bonus of the huge crowds pissing off the COVID crazies.


Now ... well, Phil's just buried. Gone. Ignored.

I'm all for next-level pettiness, especially in the #content game. But this is wild. This is the first real major since the LIV-PGA feud kicked into high gear, and it's already been an insane few days.

Phil reportedly just ignored everyone at the dinner earlier this week, then got roasted by Si Woo Kim (allegedly), and now he's being completely ignored despite entering moving day in contention.

ESPN's been at the center of the online vitriol for two days now, but now coverage shifts to CBS.

Hello Friends!

We'll see.

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