Golf Influencer Karin Hart Daydreams In A Bikini Poolside In Her Latest Attempt At Paige Spiranac’s Crown

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If you’re in the influencing game and you’re not the top influencer, you’re after the top influencer’s crown. That’s just how influencing, like many other walks of life, works.

There’s oftentimes nothing personal between the influencers when it comes to the competition. In some cases, influencers will even team up together for content. That’s something golf influencer Karin Hart has done in the past and will likely continue to do.

Paige Spiranac Rival Karin Hart Bikini
Paige Spiranac rival Karin Hart attends the PXG Denver Grand Opening Celebration at PXG Denver. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images for PXG)

She’s also made repeated attempts to pickup ground on the top influencer in the sport, Paige Spiranac. As have others, who are trying to build a brand while promoting the game of golf in a way that many country clubs would disapprove of.

Again, that’s something that, as long as she’s in the golf influencer game, she’ll continue to do. Karin’s latest efforts came in the form of some bikini time poolside. She dropped it after multiple days on the course serving up content as part of a brand deal.

The healthy mix of bikini time and course time is a content strategy that has served the 34-year-old former D1 lacrosse player turned content creator well. Her latest poolside bikini pic included a question for her 169k followers, “…am I ur daydream?”

Karin Hart Continues To Put In The Work

Not surprising, Karin’s off the course content was well received. Many of her followers littered the comment section with compliments.

A couple of fellow influencers showed their support in her comments as well. There was even a professional golfer left dropped by.

Nicole Gerome answered her question with, “Heck yeah you are.”

Talk about an effective piece of content. She picked up a little it of ground on Paige, received a ton of compliments, and maybe even a “link in bio” subscriber or two.

Karin capped off her full week of work, on and off the course, by hitting up this weekend’s LIV Golf event. It’s taking place at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey and she showed up in a “Make Golf Great Again” hat.

As you can see there are very few days off when you’re making golf great again.

Written by Sean Joseph

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