Golf Influencer Karin Hart Brings A Friend To The Course For Some Bikini Golf

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Golf influencer Karin Hart isn’t going to make many new friends at the country club with her latest golf course attire. She violated all of the dress codes when she brought a friend along and the pair dared to golf in their bikinis.

If Paige Spiranac catches heat for some of her clothing choices when she hits the course, and has to take her sexier content behind a paywall because of some professional golfers, then Hart and her friend, Caitlin Rice, don’t stand a chance.

Paige Spiranac Karin Hart Caitlin Rice Bikini Golf
Paige Spiranac rival, Karin Hart, attends the PXG Denver Grand Opening Celebration at PXG Denver. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images for PXG)

Hitting the golf course in a bikini is probably an unforgivable sin in the eyes of some. Thankfully, Hart isn’t among those who are offended by dress code violations on the course.

It doesn’t appear as if she cares about the opinions of those who are either. Neither does her friend, who is an online fitness coach with a massive following.

Rice has 1.3 million followers on her personal trainer account. She also dabbles in some golf influencing herself, which brought her to the course this week with Hart. On her golf influencer account she has another 104k followers.

The duo tagged Saddlebrook Resort during in their outing. The two influencers then asked others to “Tag the buddy ur bringing to play golf with us…” as they teed off in their bikinis.

Karin Hart And Caitlin Rice Might Be Onto Something Here

The resort, which calls itself “Tampa’s Premier Meeting, Golf and Tennis Resort,” isn’t promoting the two influencers on their own account. It’s unclear if there’s a deal worked out with them or not.

There’s no doubt that they’re receiving some extra eyeballs from Hart and Rice hitting the course in their bikinis. If the tags and content disappears then we know they reached out after one of the snobs who frequents the resort filed a complaint.

You hate to see that kind of thing happen. But if it can happen to the World’s No. 1 Golf Influencer, and it has, then it can happen to anyone.

In the end it’s only a temporary win for any loser complaining that someone wasn’t wearing the proper attire while playing golf. The brand deals don’t stop, the influencer keeps things moving, and like it or not the game of golf adds a few more fans.

Written by Sean Joseph

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