George Floyd Family May Sue Kanye West Over Claims About Cause Of Death

Kanye West recently made claims that George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose, and not from the knee of officer Derek Chauvin. Floyd’s family may now look to sue Ye, according to their attorney, Lee Merritt.

“Claiming Floyd died from fentanyl not the brutality established criminally and civilly undermines and diminished the Floyd family’s right,” Merritt wrote on Twitter.

George Floyd Had Fentanyl In His System At Time Of Death

A memorandum filed on June 1st following Floyd’s death indicated the chief medical examiner listed Floyd’s death as homicide. He noted the amount of fentanyl in Floyd’s blood was “pretty high” and could be “a fatal level of fentanyl under circumstances.”

Chauvin was convicted in April of various murder charges involving Floyd’s death.

The memo also went on to say: “…If Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death.”

While those facts have been well-documented and discussed, Kanye’s opinion about Floyd’s death was inspired by Candace Owens’ new documentary about Black Lives Matter being a scam, titled ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.’


West and Owens both wore shirts with the message ‘White Lives Matter‘ on the back of them at a Paris fashion show earlier this month.

“They hit him with the fentanyl,” West said on the ‘Drink Champs‘ podcast this weekend. “If you look, the guy’s knee wasn’t even on his neck like that.”

As Christian Toto writes, “’The Greatest Lie Ever Sold’ could change the minds of even those who think they know everything about Floyd’s death and the circumstances around it. The film reveals body cam footage indicating Floyd said he couldn’t breathe multiple times before he laid on the ground, partially defusing one of BLM’s most powerful talking points, the “I Can’t Breathe” rallying cry.”

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