Kanye West Wears ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt At Fashion Show, Says Black Lives Matter ‘Scam’ Now Over

Kanye West’s ability to stir the pot and truly shock people is unmatched. His latest wrinkle in reality that has everyone up in arms involves him wearing a t-shirt with ‘White Lives Matter’ written on the back at a Paris fashion show.

Hours after the show, he shared an Instagram story saying the “scam” that is Black Lives Matter is now over.

The 45-year-old debuted his Season 9 collection in Paris on Monday. Popular conservative commentator Candace Owens attended the show and shared a photo of herself wearing the same shirt next to West in his ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt.

West wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt is noteworthy, but given that he did so standing with Owens – who liberals despise – has taken the level of outrage among the woke mob to an entirely different level.


The rapper shared a message about the “scam” of BLM being over to his Instagram after the fashion show.


As you would imagine, Kanye wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt sent social media ablaze.

People can’t seem to wrap their minds around West’s fashion choice, and some folks are even calling him a white supremacist and anti-black.

Reaction To Kanye West Wearing A ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt

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  1. Let’s face it…most of the Twitter responses are from White hating racists like Marc Hill and some douche named Toure. Some of the comments are so stupid but what does one expect from racist 13 percenters.

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