Former Warrior Nick Young Takes Strange Dig at Jayson Tatum’s NBA Finals Performance: ‘His True Light Skin Colors Came Out’

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There’s a lot to criticize about Jayson Tatum’s performance in the 2022 NBA Finals. During the six Finals games, Tatum averaged just 21.5 points, 7.0 assists, and 6.8 rebounds. He also averaged 3.8 turnovers per game, even though his regular season career average is 2.1.


Needless to say, those stats are underwhelming and ultimately didn’t get the job done as the Celtics lost the series 4-2. However, former Warriors guard Nick Young didn’t mention any of that in his tweet throwing shade at Tatum. Instead, Young called Tatum out for his skin color. Take a look:

His “true light skin colors”?

We’re not even sure what that means. Did Tatum have a few off games because of his pigmentation? Have those with “light skin colors” historically underperformed in major athletic competitions? Is Young taking a page from the Biden playbook and telling Tatum he “ain’t black“?


Who knows. And we’re not willing to invest any more mental energy to find out.

All we know is that Nick Young is running his mouth a whole lot for a guy who averaged 11.4 points, 2.0 rebounds, and one assist in his entire NBA playoff career.

With this ill-advised tweet, perhaps Young has shown his true colors as well.

Written by Cortney Weil

Cortney Weil has a PhD in Shakespearean drama but now spends her days reading and writing about her first passion: sports. She loves God, her husband, and all things Michigan State.


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  1. Some of these blacks are so immature and childish its remarkable wtf does that have to do with anything sounds racist to me but of course blacks can get away with that shit whitey better not try it or you get fined or lose your job smfh

  2. This coming from a below average basketball player? Young is a 10th or 11th man on the bench player at best. Does he think he could personally beat Luca Doncic in a game? Give me a break and STFU

  3. Reverse the roles here an imagine a light skinned player trashing a very dark skinned player by suggesting his poor play is due to too much melanin. The racist dunderheads at ESPN would be talking about this 24/7. Racism is racism, with most coming from the left

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