Biden Biffs on His Bike in Delaware

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Not only have Joe Biden’s approval ratings been in free fall for the last year or so, but Biden has now taken a fall himself. He had a wee mishap while on a Delaware bike ride with his wife, Jill, and his security detail.

Take a look:


Luckily, Biden was unhurt by the fall, and to demonstrate, he even posed for a picture with a young girl shortly after he recovered.

We all knew that “Ridin’ with Biden” wouldn’t work out well for America, but who knew it could be so dangerous?

Written by Cortney Weil

Cortney Weil has a PhD in Shakespearean drama but now spends her days reading and writing about her first passion: sports. She loves God, her husband, and all things Michigan State.


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    • Bingo!! Maybe Jill and the rest of the Libtards in his Administration can stop the elder abuse now before he actually does hurt himself. At the very least, if Jill is going to let him ride a bike, put the training wheels back on

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