Jayson Tatum Craves Attention, Posts Text To Kobe Bryant

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The attention that goes along with being named the inaugural Larry Bird award winner – given to the Eastern Conference Finals MVP (yes, that’s now a real thing) isn’t enough for Celtics wing Jayson Tatum.

He wants more.

Like so many others his age, the 24-year-old Tatum craves the spotlight. They’re of the mindset that clicks are more relevant than hardware. Why celebrate an achievement with your teammates when you can drown yourself in a world of likes and heart emojis?

Case in point, after his Celtics topped Miami in Sunday’s Game 7, Tatum made it a point to let social media know that he texted the phone of the deceased Kobe Bryant to let him know “I got you today.”

Mamba Mentality meets Millennial Stupidity.

Tatum’s attempt for added attention and adulation began before the game when he opted to wear a purple and gold “24” arm band during Boston’s win. You think Kobe, arguably the greatest Laker of all-time, would EVER wear the colors of the hated Celtics while competing for a chance to play in the NBA finals?

Two words: Hell. No.

Tatum’s likely too busy counting likes and retweets to have considered how Kobe would’ve viewed this desperate attempt for attention. But chances are Kobe’s reaction would’ve been similar to the time he saw the Lakers celebrating just their 14th win after playing more than 50 games.

Watch Kobe’s disgust below.

Though he failed to detail the specifics in his text to Kobe, Boston and Tatum are now headed to the NBA finals where he’ll be prominently within the spotlight. Just how he likes it.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. If Tatum wasn’t allowed to push off with that left elbow and forearm on half his shots, he wouldn’t make a good 6th man. He takes 5-10 shots a game where the defender isn’t within 3 feet of him because he shoves the defender just before he goes up for the shot.

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