Former Nurse Turned Content Creator Hits The Pool In Her Bikini For Some ‘Hot Grandma’ Content

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There’s a new “Hot Grandma” doing her thing in the social media streets. She goes by the name Nurse Jess on social media and spent 20 years as a nurse before turning her focus towards creating content.

Jess, who claims to have “found a new way to take care of you” with her content, threw her name into the hot grandma conversation on Friday. She did so with a hashtag and TikTok video of herself rocking a bikini in a pool.

Nurse Jess Hot Grandma
Former nurse turned content creator (Image Credit: Nurse Jess/TikTok)

We’re not at the point that the “World’s Hottest Grandma” has anything to worry about or anything like that. From the looks of it, Nurse Jess is just getting started in the content game on most of the well-known platforms.

That doesn’t mean that with some hard work the former nurse, and self-proclaimed hot grandma, isn’t going to be making some noise as a hot grandma. Jess doesn’t have near the amount of hours logged as some of the others in the category and she’s already getting some attention.

Despite the relatively new social media presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, she appears to have a lot of action on OnlyFans. This suggests she understands the content game on a certain level.

The TikTok video backs that up. Jess is rocking a bright bikini with the text overlay “They don’t build grandmas like they used to.”

The Hot Grandma Hashtag Isn’t For Everyone

It’s hard to argue with that. Historically speaking not many grandmas were slipping on bikinis to hit the pool. That’s certainly changed over the years.

Thanks to social media we have grandmas everywhere looking for attention with content. They’re jumping on hashtags and into all kinds of things my grandmothers would never have gotten into.

While I’m happy that my grandmothers always seemed to be extremely old my entire life, these aren’t my grandmothers.

Watching other people’s grandmothers wear lingerie or see-through dresses for content on social media is entertaining.

Written by Sean Joseph

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