Fit Grandma Has Selected Her ‘Boyfriend For Hire’ To Make OnlyFans Content With

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Andrea Sunshine, aka Fit Grandma for those new to the site, has selected her “boyfriend for hire.” The contest took place with the help of her social media followers. They voted for one of five contestants they wanted to see the 53-year-old make OnlyFans content with.

Let’s do a little recap of the five guys – none of which is in their 40s – who were competing for a chance to make the racy content with the viral sensation.

There was the 34-year-old model, Mike Mains. A 30-year-old personal trainer and massage therapist named Milo. A 31-year-old bodybuilder, Leonardo Leads. Model/actor Gabriel Fernando Rocha, 38, and finally my favorite contestant, Rodrigo Cardoso. He was the 23-year-old who simply mentioned rock and roll among his interests.

Fit Grandma Andrea Sunshine OnlyFans
Fit Grandma has selected a boyfriend for hire (Image Credit Andrea Sunshine)

Now comes the good part, the winner. Earlier this week Andrea announced that a winner had been selected and that it was actually two winners. They are model Mike Mains and personal trainer/massage therapist Milos.

Andrea explained her decision to go with two guys by saying, “I was never very predictable anyway, and it would be impossible to stick with just one candidate in front of so many interesting men.”

“Good taste has never failed me, and I bet everyone will agree with me after the announcement of these hot winners. Now it’s up to you to wait for the next chapters of this adventure.”

Fit Grandma Is Going For It

That next chapter might be coming sooner than later. She congratulated her two boyfriends for hire and shared that she’s ready to get to work, “Congratulations my Boys, hopefully soon we will be in action, 3 of us and together!”

“Can’t wait to be pampered by 4 hands in once. Just to think of gives me goosebumps,” she added. “It’s a dream come through! I always wanted be sexually exhibitionist and the idea to people watching me having a hot session, always turned me on.”

What a way for Fit Grandma to close out 2022. Going M. Night Shyamalan at the end of her contest and picking two guys wasn’t a move I was expecting.

Talk about going for it. There are big things coming in the new year for the headline maker. Probably a few things we’re not going to be able to cover, but we’ll keep up the best we can.

Written by Sean Joseph

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