Former NFL Tight End Accuses Tech Company CEO Of Racial Slurs, Secret Office Sex Games

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Former Oakland Raiders tight end Teyo Johnson is suing his ex-Metaverse company and CEO Janine Yorio for allegedly being racist and encouraging him to sleep with his co-workers in a secret company-wide sex game.

How’s that for a sentence?

According to Johnson, who played in the NFL from 2003-08 as a tight end for the Raiders, Cardinals and Dolphins, Everyrealm CEO Janine Yorio pressured him into “sexually harassing games” in which co-workers and clients were pressured to have sex with each other.

She also made several racist remarks to Johnson, who is black, and once called him a “stupid black person” and “the whitest black person,” according to the suit.

Johnson, who played at Stanford, was a second-round pick in the 2003 NFL Draft. He also had stops with the Bills and Broncos while playing in the Canadian Football League as well.

Teyo Johnson.
Teyo Johnson is suing his former company and CEO. (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

Teyo Johnson says Everyrealm CEO pressured him into sex games

The lawsuit, filed in a Manhattan Federal court, claims Yorio told Johnson of the secret company-wide sex game during a business trip to Texas.

The suits says the game was referred to as “KYP,” which stands for “know your personnel,” or “KYC” – “know your client.” Apparently, those were “euphemisms for having sex or hooking up with co-workers and business partners,” according to the lawsuit.

Johnson said he was told “the way to play” the secret company sex game was was to “get laid by a co-worker on a business trip.”

During that same trip, Yorio allegedly asked Johnson if “he would be doing any KYP.”

He responded by telling the CEO that he was “already really close with someone,” the lawsuit said, while also adding that Yorio later came to Johnson’s room and “insinuated in no uncertain terms that she believed he would” cheat on his girlfriend.

Janine Yorio.
Janine Yorio is being sued by multiple former employees.

The suit also alleges that, along with the racial slurs, Yorio also called Johnson a “d-ck,” “big swinging d-ck,” and “f–king d-ck.”

Johnson later claims that he was ultimately fired from the company for blowing the lid on an alleged illegal gambling scheme involving NFTs. Everyrealm responded to the New York Post by calling all the allegations “lies.”

“As we have stated in our court filings, this employee worked at the company for only three months and was terminated for poor performance, expense account abuse, and falling asleep on the job,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

Paris Hilton and Janine Yorio.
Everyrealm has several clients, including Paris Hilton.

Everyrealm also said in a legal filing that the former tight end “openly and routinely disparaged the mother of his child and demanded that Everyrealm pay a portion of his wages in cash to avoid garnishment for child support payments.”

As if the one suit wasn’t enough, Yorio is also named in a separate lawsuit filed last month by another former black employee that claims she once told him during a business meeting that it was “important [that he] get the customer wet, just like [he] would with a woman,” the suit claims.

On another occasion, Yorio also allegedly said she and her husband, Jesse, “are only married in the metaverse.”

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