Former NFL Cornerback-Turned-Hunter, Trae Waynes, Uses Bud Light For Target Practice

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Former NFL cornerback Trae Waynes, who is apparently now a hunter, angered the left Sunday afternoon when he used a case of Bud Light for a little target practice.

Waynes, a 2015 first round pick of the Minnesota Vikings, tweeted a video of him shooting what he tongue-in-cheek said was a case of Bud Light, and promptly learned that any off-color jokes on social media would NOT be tolerated.

“Bud Light target practice,” he captioned the tweet, which has since been viewed over 150,000 times and sparked such backlash that Waynes had to send out a follow-up tweet telling people to calm down.

“If I shoot a coors light will yal quit crying?” he said. “lol i enjoy shooting guns get over it yal clowns looking to deep in to sh*t. Bored mfs.”

Excuse the spelling — those are Wayne’s words, not mine!

Trae Waynes shoots Bud Light and angers everyone

Hilarious. Didn’t think we’d get a Trae Waynes shoots Bud Light story out of today, but that’s why you have to put your hard hat on and come to work prepared.

And how about Waynes being a hunter now, too? Not just for sport, either.

The ex-Viking and Cincinnati Bengal is now the co-owner of Home Grown Outfitters & Love The Grind TV — a hunting and outdoors company that operates in Wisconsin.

Who knew?!

Anyway, his alleged Bud Light target practice — who knows if it was actually Bud Light way down yonder — beautifully stirred the pot Sunday.

Let’s pick out a few winners!

Good stuff here from our man Trae Waynes. Love a little Bud Light target practice to start our week. First Bri Teresi and now former NFLer-turned-hunter Trae Waynes.

What a time to be alive.

PS: this second tweet from Trae was sneaky funny, too.

Written by Zach Dean

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