Fans Pose For Picture With Clippers Player But Think They’re Alongside Boston’s Al Horford

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One of the cardinal sins of taking a photo with a celebrity or an athlete is not disturbing them while they’re eating dinner.

That one doesn’t apply in this instance, but one of the other cardinal sins is not knowing who you’re taking a photo with. That pitfall of celebrity photo-taking befell these fans who thought they were taking a photo with Boston Celtic Al Horford.

Spoiler alert: it was not Al Horford; it was Nicolas Batum of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Over the weekend, Batum’s Clippers were in the Big Apple to play the Knicks. As it turned out, Batum made arguably the most important play by draining a 3-pointer to force overtime.

The Clippers managed to win in overtime, 134-128. So, Batum certainly put his stamp on the game. Surely, he was the buzz around town, even if that buzz consisted of Knicks fans cursing him under their breath.

So, it would stand to reason that with most basketball fans knowing the Clippers were in town and with Batum having made that shot, he would get recognized.

Well, he was recognized, just not as Nicolas Batum

Oh no.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that we have the photo in question. That’s a real shame because it sounds as though it could be a real gem.

But now it’s time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: a side-by-side comparison of Nicolas Batum and Al Horford.

Nicolas Batum and Al Horford side-by-side for science. (Getty Images)

They don’t really look much alike. At all.

However, on a poorly lit New York City street, maybe a mistake could be made. Batum is listed at 6-foot-8, Horford at 6-foot-9. I see similarly shaped domes and hairlines. too.

Although, someone who would cap off the impromptu photo sesh with “Go Celtics” should be able to spot the difference.

Oh well, hopefully, they cherish their photo of the time they met Al Horford.

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