Al Horford’s Sister Channels Emily Mayfield, Brittany Mahomes, Tees Off On Draymond Green

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With NFL games still three months from kick off, someone needed to fill the social media void left by Brittany Matthews Mahomes, wife of Patrick Mahomes, and Emily Wilkinson Mayfield, Baker’s better half.

Enter Anna Horford, sister of Celtics big man Al.

Ms. Horford appears to have graduated from the Matthews-Wilkinson school of athlete distractions, with honors.

Late in the second quarter of Boston’s Game Two loss to Golden State, Warriors forward Draymond Green fouled Boston’s Jaylen Brown in an unorthodox way, then kept his legs on the Celtic and briefly pushed him while on the floor.

Watch the foul and ensuing Celtic displeasure below.

The all-too-common act from Green prompted Anna Horford to fire off an angry tweet, then later toss Green’s teammate – Jordan Poole – into the discussion.

“If Draymond can’t outplay an opponent, he simply resorts to playing dirty,” said Horford.

After finished her near-constant Green inspired thumb workout, Horford turned her attention to the Boston game plan. Specifically, Anna was none too pleased that her bro wasn’t evolved enough in the Celtic offense.

“Al yet yet to take a shot & it’s almost halftime,” Horford said before continuing her rant.

She even threw a “we” in there.

Miss Mayfield had to be looking on glowingly.

And I’m sure Brittany Mahomes gives the stamp of approval as well.

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Anna Horford, congratulations on becoming part of an unexpected NBA Finals storyline. Make yourself at home, but please leave your TikToks at the door.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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