Fan Gets Thrown Off A Bridge After Chiefs-Chargers Game

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Just when you think NFL fans have settled down with the fan fights, along comes a particularly disturbing video from after Sunday night’s Chiefs-Chargers game.

In the video recorded outside SoFi Stadium, a fan is thrown off what appears to be a pedestrian bridge that goes over part of Rivers Lake, the body of water outside the stadium that TV networks use to set the scene for Rams and Chargers games.

Why was the fan thrown over the railing onto the concrete steps leading down into the water? It’s unclear, but those witnesses who claim they saw the incident take place say cops weren’t interested in making arrests.

Cody Danks, who recorded the man being thrown over the fence, claimed on Twitter that policewouldn’t do anything cause it didn’t happen in front of them.”

As for the guy who was thrown of the bridge, eyewitnesses say he was “getting checked on” after the incident.

It’s been another brutal year at SoFi Stadium. In October, a Rams fan was brutally beaten by a Cowboys fan in a parking lot fight. Fans have been fighting inside the stadium as well, but things have never escalated to the point where humans are purposely thrown off a bridge or over a railing.

Possibly the craziest part of Sunday night’s incident besides the fact that the guy could’ve easily died is the fact that it looks like he was trying to get away, but he was pulled back and then launched over the railing.

As you can see in the screenshots, a security guard is seen making his way to the altercation, but he can’t get there in time as the fan is thrown off the bridge.

Fan thrown off bridge Chargers game
A fan is thrown off a bridge outside SoFi Stadium after the Chiefs-Chargers game. / Twitter


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. I know fans get into it after many games in many sports. But there is something truly nuts about the track record in Los Angeles when it comes to serious assaults and/or murder between fans at Dodgers or now Rams or Chargers games. I can recall reading about Giants fans getting bludgeoned outside Dodger Stadium. And various other fans getting faces knocked in at Dodgers games. Opposing fans getting wrecked outside SoFi at Rams games. Now this.

    I wonder if anyone has actually put a list together from recent years. This is not a new thing for LA. There’s some serious insanity residing in LA.

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