‘F–k You’ – Jonathan Papelbon Unloads On Nats For Juan Soto Private Jet Drama

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A day after former bad boy MLB closer Jonathan Papelbon took aim at Derek Jeter, ESPN and Yankees fans, he’s back and this time he’s dropping f-bombs on his former employer.

It’s unclear if Papelbon is in the process of auditioning for a hot take show, but what’s clear is that there’s not a subject in baseball that the guy doesn’t have an opinion on right now.

Next up: the Washington Nationals, who made Home Run Derby champion Juan Soto fly commercial to Los Angeles after the Nats reportedly refused to provide Soto with a private jet.

Like I said earlier the Nats are the worst organization in MLB! I will say it for you Soto- f–k you, you bunch of petty ass bitches!” Papelbon tweeted Monday night.

Former MLB closer Jonathan Papelbon is back and he’s dropping f-bombs on the Nationals. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Why would Papelbon work on a hot take show? Because his opinion on the Soto private jet story doesn’t fall in line with the blue checkmarks who sided with the Nationals after Soto turned down a $440 million guaranteed contract.

That’s instant argument content for a take show. Papelbon on the athlete side. Blue checkmark siding with management. Brains twisted into pretzels.

Put it this way, a hot take show should be signing the guy to a 5-day contract to do a test run. We’re talking about a guy who has a history of being pissed off at Nationals ownership. In 2015, the closer filed a grievance against the organization after it failed to pay him for four games at the end of the season after being suspended for fighting Bryce Harper in the dugout.

“My mistake was doing that in the dugout in front of a camera,” Papelbon said at the time. “I’ve got two young kids. They know that’s not right, but it happens. I fully apologize for doing that but most of it’s handled in the tunnel. [Harper is] a competitor, too.”

Go get him, TV producers. The guy isn’t going to be a free agent for long. Just make sure you have a finger on the dump button.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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