Former Sox Closer Jonathan Papelbon Bashes Derek Jeter Documentary, Ignites Bloody Twitter War With Yankees Fans

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It’s the slowest sports day of the year, which means it’s the perfect time for former MLB bad boy closer Jonathan Papelbon to come out of the pen and stir things up with Yankees fans by taking a shot at the new 80-part Derek Jeter documentary.

Papelbon, who closed 219 games for the Red Sox and won a World Series ring, wasted no time this week going right at the throat of ESPN and Jeter jock riders by calling for a documentary on a “real captain.”

“Hey ESPN when y’all are ready to do a documentary on the real captain who whipped A Rods Ass let me know!” Papelbon tweeted Tuesday, which immediately set off a bloody Twitter street brawl between the rival fans.

Speaking of bloody street brawls, Papelbon is referencing the 2004 fight when Sox catcher Jason Varitek took his mitt and introduced it to ARod’s face for mouthing off after being drilled by a Bronson Arroyo fastball.

Home plate umpire Bruce Froemming, attempts to keep Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, right, away New York Yankees batter Alex Rodriguez in the third inning after Rodriguez was hit by a pitch by Red Sox’s Bronson Arroyo at Fenway Park in Boston. Varitek and Rodriguez were removed from the game after the two fought, an incident that ended in a bench-clearing brawl. The Red Sox won, 11-10, with a 9th-inning game winning home run by Bill Mueller (Photo by J Rogash/WireImage)

“Him and ‘Tek are going face to face,” Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling recalled the incident during a 2019 interview. “He says, ‘Throw that s— over the plate.’ And ‘Tek says, ‘Hey dude, we don’t hit .260 hitters.’ And then that’s when you see Alex look at him and go, ‘F— you. F— you.’ ”

 (Photo by Jim Rogash/WireImage)

Because ESPN needs content to keep the wheels churning during the summer without football or the NBA, the network came up with ‘The Captain,’ which is actually a seven-part documentary on Jeter’s career.

In the first episode, ESPN gave a background look on Jeter’s early years growing up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and how he became a Yankees fan at an early age because his grandmother lived in New Jersey and she was a big Yankees fan.

Papelbon believes it’s time to find out some details on Varitek’s grandmothers and how he ended up being named the Red Sox captain in December 2004.

Can’t wait to watch!,” Papelbon prodded while tweeting out a photoshopped image of Varitek on a Jeter documentary promo.

Let’s face it, this is exactly what the sports world needs and it needs much more of it out of the retirees who’ve been in the trenches and have gone to war with each other.

 (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

We need to relive the old days when guys hated each other and wanted to destroy pretty boy ARod. In case anyone forgot, that’s why we watched those Yankees-Red Sox battles even though we couldn’t stand either team.

It’s natural for us as fans to want theater. Now we have guys turning down $440 million guaranteed contracts and their agents whining when the team doesn’t send his client on a private jet to the all-star game.

Hate him or love him, the Internet needs more Papelbons who are here to keep things interesting on the slowest day on the sports calendar.

This guy is a treasure:

Here’s the Papelbon Twitter war!

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