Etsy Allows The Selling of Violent Transgender Rhetoric: ‘Respect My Pronouns Or Yours Will Be Was/Were’

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Transgender-themed items that threaten violence are available for purchase on Etsy.

The e-commerce site allows shops to sell items that encourage violence toward individuals who disagree with gender ideology, reports The Daily Wire.

Among the available products includes a sweatshirt that reads, “Respect my pronouns or yours will be was/were.”

If such a message isn’t your cup of tea, one can also buy the following on Etsy today:

  • A sticker with a picture of a cat holding a knife, reading “Respect gender pronouns or I will identify as a problem.”
  • A “Turn TERFs into turf” sticker.
  • Items with the phrase, “Respect my pronouns or die by my sword” reads one sticker with pictures of swords.”
  • “We’re here. We’re queer. I have a brick,” reads a special candle.

Questionable it is for Etsy to allow the selling of such products following an event in which a trans murderer shot up a school likely on the basis of the Christian academic center opposing drag.

(We could confirm as much should law enforcement ever release the manifesto.)

Agree with the trans or they will kill you, Etsy’s items promote.

One might wonder if Etsy allows items encouraging all forms of violence, or only violence in the name of transgenderism?

Based on a search of its site, only the latter is permitted.

Sensitivity and fear around transgenderism blind prudence. Hence why violent transgender rhetoric has also made its way onto Amazon:

What’s worse, such inflamed indignation has trickled into politics and the press.

Last week, the press secretary for Democratic Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs suggested the trans community use guns to slay the “transphobes.”

Josselyn Berry has since resigned.

Elsewhere, an NBC reporter called Benjamin Ryan deflected blame away from the child murderer and onto Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles’ “anti-trans activity.”

Ryan put a target on the backs of the Daily Wire hosts.

Of course, the press wouldn’t dare call for the de-escalation of this violent rhetoric.

Rather, CBS banned staffers from printing the word “transgender” in connection to the Nashville shooting. And NBC is sympathizing with not the dead children, but the trans community to which the assassin belonged.

So, respect their pronouns before yours become was/were.

Catchy slogan, isn’t it? Buy it as a bumper sticker now on

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