ESPN’s Richard Jefferson Delivers Insane Prediction, Says Boston Will Defeat Miami, Become First Team to Overcome 3-0 Deficit

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Even when a topic seems like a layup, the folks over at ESPN choose to throw the wildest scenario into the wind rather than a reasonable answer.

Welcome to sports commentary in 2023.

From JJ Redick’s insane rants, Kendrick Perkins‘ biased commentary and Richard Jefferson’s Hail Mary predictions, it remains a mystery why people tune in to the Worldwide Leader in Lunacy.

ESPN-NBA analyst, and former player, Richard Jefferson is going out on national TV and announcing that the Boston Celtics — a team still spiraling from losing two games at home and Game 3 in Miami — will become the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-0 playoff series deficit.

ESPN-NBA Analyst Richard Jefferson Goes Against All Logic

Previewing Thursday’s Game 5 in Boston between the Celtics and Heat, Jefferson was inspired to give a terrible opinion regarding who will ultimately win the series.

“It’s going to be Boston. Boston is going to be the first team to come back (from 0-3),” Jefferson said on ESPN Thursday afternoon.

Anyone with a shred of basketball insight would answer that the Heat have this series in the bag, not just from a historical perspective but from real-time insights.

Better Teams Than The ’22 Celtics Have Fallen To 0-3 Series Deficit

Since 1984, 110 teams have been down 0-3 in an NBA playoff series. None of them managed to come back and win their respective series.

Per Jefferson, this out-of-focus Boston crew will be the ones to do it. Even with greater talent on the floor, the Celtics have been punched in the mouth and appear, frankly, too incompetent to pull off this historic feat.

The Miami Heat have looked much more disciplined throughout the series, courtesy of head coach Erik Spoelstra, recently hailed as the NBA’s best coach.

It would not be smart to fade Jimmy Butler and Spo’s Heat team with just one win left till reaching the Finals. Instead, bet on the best player and coach of the postseason to accomplish the job.

Even with a limited roster — missing Tyler Herro, Victor Oladipo and now Gabe Vincent — Miami has overcome Boston’s tandem of All-NBA wing players and exposed the young group as more pretender than contender.

It’s a one-game series moving forward for the Celtics, and if you put any stock into what an ESPN-NBA analyst has to say, Boston’s road to history continues tonight.

Richard Jefferson seems like a nice guy, but that bold prediction won’t be happening in this series.

Miami and Boston tip off at 8:30 p.m. (EST) on TNT … if you can get the dang YouTube TV app to work.

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  1. Yeah, this was “so insane.” Just because somebody makes a prediction you don’t necessarily agree with doesn’t make it “insane.” If anything, these guys can all say Boston will come back and win, and if they are wrong then so what, it was never likely to happen anyway. But if they turn out to be correct then they all get to make themselves the story and say “see how smart I am! I told you so.” But this was a dumbass column to begin with. Nothing about it was insane…..especially now that it’s about to happen.

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