ESPN’s Leading Race-Baiters Survive Layoffs: Bobby Burack

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ESPN weeded out its talent division on Friday, dismissing around 20 on-air employees in an effort to shed $30 million worth of salaries.

The names include Max Kellerman, Jeff Van Gundy, Keyshawn Johnson, Jalen Rose, David Pollack, Suzy Kolber, and Steve Young.

Large-scale layoffs supplies a company an excuse to rid itself of unwanted employees. Suffice to say relationships, backstage politics, and perception factor into one’s status come a layoff period.

Thereby this series of layoffs permitted ESPN to clear itself of its more toxic and headache-creating staffers. Harder it is to play to race and victim card when fired alongside 15-20 other employees.

And yet, ESPN chose not to include its most incendiary personalities from the round. The race-baiters, and there are many, went almost untouched.

The network did lay off Max Kellerman, who has long professed his white guilt. Though at a place like ESPN, Kellerman isn’t even an upper-echelon race-hustler.

Jalen Rose is not a novice to the game of manufactured racism. He once campaigned for the industry to cease using Mount Rushmore as a measuring stick for greatness because the landmark was built “on top of dead [Native American] bodies.”

Still, race wasn’t Rose’s go-to. His mid-life crisis wardrobes and failure to report situations accurately were.

Race is, however, the go-to for the likes of Mark Jones.

ESPN laid off dependent, low-paid talents like Ashely Brewer and Jason Fitz. Yet it kept an employee who amassed the following resume over the past year:

ESPN retained Jones despite his high salary, obvious mental instability, and repeated violation of the company’s ban on talking politics.

Speaking of the mentally unstable, long-time race-baiting fraud Stan Verrett also avoided the cut list.

Verrett recently tweeted that white people have “every advantage available in society.” Verrett best tell that to his two former white co-hosts, Ashely Brewer and Neil Everett, who were laid off and lowballed out of the company despite having more talent than Verrett.

Anyway, Stanley still works for ESPN. But don’t ask him about the differences between a man and a woman. A) he doesn’t know. B) he might stalk obsessively DM you at night.

Speaking from experience here…


Kendrick Perkins does not like Nikola Jokic because he’s white. Perkins cost Jokic the MVP for that very reason.

He also lied on national television about the number of white voters, to which ESPN had to issue a correction in shame.

Perkins then posted unhinged tweets deriding white people as “privileged” fools.

However, Perkins not only kept his job but is in line for a promotion. According to the Miami Herald, ESPN is considering elevating Perkins to NBA Countdown to replace Rose.

Racism pays.

Perhaps Todd McShay’s lack of it cost him his job today…

CCP stooge, J.A .Adande.

Last year, J.A. Adande argued that red state voting laws in the U.S. are harsher than the genocide the Chinese government commits against Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region.

To Adande, requiring citizens to obtain an ID is worse than rape, torture, and force sterilization — all of which the CCP inflicts upon Uyghurs.

Still, ESPN opted to keep Adande employed over David Pollack.

William C. Rhoden is a 73-year-old man. This month, he posted an openly racist article about Jokic and Larry Bird in which he referred to the players as “Great White Hopes.”

Rhoden will continue to post articles for ESPN. Shout out to Joon Lee, a talented young baseball writer ESPN just fired.

Howard Bryant was arrested for choking his wife. He also criticized ESPN ,his employer, for not utilizing black journalists on pregame shows.

Of course, Bryant failed to notice that the only journalists on the channel’s pregame shows are black…

Anyway, expect Bryant to post another doozy for on July 4. Anyone remember last year?

Sarah Spain will continue to work for ESPN. Attributing religion “BS” and liking tweets calling her colleague a”bigot” didn’t make her susceptible to the 2023 layoff season.

Domonique Foxworth is pretty embarrassing. He admitted he roots for Josh Allen to fail because the QB’s fans support the American flag and dogs.

Foxworth also requested that the media cover Lamar Jackson more “carefully” than other players.

Why? He didn’t provide a reason.

Nonetheless, Foxworth will keep up his role as NFL analyst despite his compromised viewpoints.

Non-Sage Steele violations of discussing politics and a record of infusing unjust racial hysteria proved to be the greatest shield against this round of layoffs.

It’s called leverage.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. All of the people mentioned here that ESPN decided to keep are a part of the reason I don’t turn that channel on anymore, except for college football games.
    In Sarah Spain’s case, while she is a tremendous dolt, she probably only makes $8/hr. So there really wouldn’t be much budget relief there.

  2. Looks like management peed in their pants and got scared to be called racist when it came to the real cuts. It really doesn`t matter. That network is f*cked. The people they kept nobody is going to watch anyway. Perkins is a racist douchebag and has no credibility anyway. As for the white guys, I`m surprised Redick is still there. I thought for sure that he would get tossed after exposing Perkins in the Jokic MVP voting. Probably doesn`t make enough to affect the bottom line.

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