ESPN’s Domonique Foxworth Has A Problem With Josh Allen Supporters Who Like Dogs & American Flags

Imagine what would happen if an NFL analyst went on a national podcast and said he gets a happy feeling inside whenever Lamar Jackson does something dumb in a game because of what Jackson supporters post on their social media accounts.

Now take a listen to what ESPN’s Domonique Foxworth said on the Bomani Jones podcast. The former NFL defensive back pulled no punches in how he reacts whenever Josh Allen does something “dumb.” Foxworth gets happy because Allen supporters supposedly have American flags, dogs and skull and crossbones on their social media accounts.

The Patriot Project pointed out how Foxworth uses his biases to root against Allen.

“I am fully aware that I have biases. And my biases are not based on Josh Allen. It’s based on the people that are defending Josh Allen. I would be 100 percent lying if I said that when Josh does something dumb, a little part of me doesn’t get happy. And it’s not because I don’t want Josh to succeed,” Foxworth said.

“It’s because the people who are telling me that Josh is the second coming and Josh is better than everybody are people with American flags and dogs and skulls and crossbones. … If you go just take a dip into their tweet history, it’s some really concerning retweets and likes. … It’s not about Josh,” he concluded.

“Generally, I’m pro-player and I’m looking for ways to understand a player’s position and defend a player. But in Josh’s case, it’s not about him. He is the ground on which we are fighting.”

The interesting part in all this, besides Foxworth’s reasoning, is the fact that it’s unclear where or how Foxworth encounters so many Bills fans.

If you go into a Twitter advanced search for “Josh Allen” mentions where Bills fans tag Foxworth, it’s not exactly a murderers row of hate tweets. Go take a look and see for yourself.

It’s clear what we have here: Foxworth is baiting a fanbase that’s going to the playoffs and has a fresh, new target in the Bills and Allen to latch onto. Bait in the Bills fans and create a feud as a ratings play.

Foxworth tweets Josh Allen

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. If you are a supposed American, and you are against people for having pictures of the American Flag . . . You may be a bigot.
    If you are against people because they like dogs . . . You may be a bigot.
    If you are frequently on ESPN . . . You may be a bigot.

  2. Who the hell are these guys? Never heard of them. Don’t give them any oxygen…

    That said, does Foxworth have a problem with pirates? Who else has a skull and crossbones flag? Is that now racist too? I can’t keep up Bittman Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, that was some racist stuff right there.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Foxworth is worried he might be let go in tanking MSESPN”s next round of layoffs. He might have thought he had to go out and say something controversial to get ratings for whatever show he’s on. He’s certainly capable of saying something stupid on his own. He’s certainly no mensa candidate. But this reminds me as something the idiotic Skip Bayless or pathetic Max Woke-erman might say to get ratings……and tomorrow, after Jack Dorsey’s race baiting twitter bots go to work, we’ll probably hear about how Foxworth got a bunch of racist hate mail. By now we all know how these liberals work. THEY are the racists

  4. The root of his biases are clearly from the tweets Josh Allen sent while in high school that were racist in nature. And because someone posted something stupid while in HS, anyone who roots for him now must be evil….lol

  5. Bomani Jones is racist and now we can add Foxworth to that growing list. If you don’t like Josh Allen’s twitter friends don’t look. No one on there is hurting anyone. This is just more control by the communists, er democrats. Ignore these idiots.

  6. I had a friend who did this thing where he included me in all HIS self-deprecating statements. He’d say things like “Idiots like us could never…” Any time he said something demeaning about himself I got pulled under the bus with him, like I’m the same way. It was subtle, weird, insulting and I felt bad about myself because I was annoyed by him for reasons that were unclear. I started dreading conversations with him, and then I realized why. I left every talk feeling like I was an idiot like him.

    What I described is what leftists like Foxworth and the rest of that ilk do to pull everyone else down to their sad level. They project their own guilt. They accuse others of the thinking like they do. They try to “normalize crazy” as something common. Uh, no it’s not. I think this practice is the origin of things like the Russia hoax, ANTIFA, BLM and systemic racism. How pathetic. Don’t let lunatics with guilty consciences drag you down.

  7. I think its hilarious for people on the right to think what he said had anything to do with race. When did white people become the symbol of flag waving Americans? Who gave them that label? Who gets to choose who’s more American than the rest? I’ll wait

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