ESPN Analyst, Who Said Josh Allen Deserves To Fail Because Of Dogs And American Flag, Says Lamar Jackson Criticism Must Be ‘Careful’

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Failed NFL cornerback Domonique Foxworth admits that he has biases as an ESPN analyst. Foxworth told listeners in 2020 that he openly roots for Josh Allen to fail. Foxworth said he gets joy out of Allen’s shortcomings.

Why? Why does someone ESPN pays to analyze football want to see a leading NFL player struggle? According to Foxworth, it’s because Allen’s fans support the American flag and dogs.

Those bastards.

This sounds like a headline from The Bee to mock Foxworth’s wokeness. Unfortunately, it’s not:

Requesting that media members consider the iniquitous nature of Allen’s fans while they cover the Bills quarterback is not Foxworth’s only request. Oh, no. He also asks the media to be “careful” if they dare to criticize Lamar Jackson.

Rooting for Allen to fail is fine. But criticizing Jackson must be done carefully. 

Lamar Jackson has thrown one touchdown to four interceptions in the 4th quarter this season. He has a QBR of 28. He has thrown three game-losing interceptions. His team has blown several double-digit 4th quarter leads.

Jackson’s struggle prompted ESPN’s morning show “Get Up” to ask if Jackson deserves some blame for the Ravens’ 3-3 start. The answer is obviously yes; look at his numbers and play. But ESPN aired the segment to allow Foxworth to defend Jackson with excuses for his putrid play.

Foxworth first blamed everyone but Jackson for his bottom-of-the-league 4th-quarter statistics. He blamed the coaching staff, defense, and supporting cast. Reporter Dan Graziano interjected to say Jackson has been “inconsistent” this season. That’s when Foxworth had enough.

According to Foxworth, the media must be “careful” when saying that about Jackson.

“We have to be careful calling Lamar Jackson inconsistent,” Foxworth warned everyone on set. “His accuracy has been, at times, inconsistent. Lamar Jackson, this year, has been incredible — except for the 4th quarter.”

His rant doesn’t make sense. That may be the first time a supposed football expert had campaigned in favor of devaluing the 4th quarter in favor of the other three.

If only Foxworth could provide this type of spin job for Jackson during his next round of contract negotiations. Jackson could use Foxworth’s help:

Why does Jackson deserve “careful” treatment from the press? What does “careful” even mean?

Is critiquing Lamar Jackson’s game libelous or something? No one asks that we “carefully” break down Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady during their struggles. No one asked Foxworth to “carefully” cover Joe Burrow when he called him a struggling quarterback after one bad half this season.

Is Lamar Jackson privileged?

Foxworth suggests too much is at stake with Jackson’s contract negotiations looming to cover him normally. ESPN has taken a vested interest in Jackson’s salary. The network considers it racist that the Ravens offered Jackson only $250 million.

The sports media has racialized the entire Jackson discussion. It’s now advantageous for commentators to put Jackson on a pedestal he has not earned. ESPN host Keyshawn Johnson recently declared Lamar Jackson the best quarterback in the NFL, despite throwing for fewer yards than Jacoby Brissett and 18 other quarterbacks this season. 

ESPN protects no player more than Jackson. Earlier this month, Marcus Spears prefaced his defense of Jackson by reminding the viewers that Jackson is “a black QB.”

Imagine reading five years ago that an ESPN analyst could go on-air to root for a player to struggle because his fans are patriotic, then turn around a demand that we treat one player better than the others on account of his race.

This is the type of hackery ESPN promotes. The network fired Ron Jaworski and replaced him with schmucks football analysts who argue Twitter “Likes” are indicative of the American population. Yes, Foxworth actually made that case.  

At least Lamar Jackson’s fans are not vocal about their pets and support of the flag. That’d really complicate Foxworth’s logic.

As always, be careful when citing facts about Lamar Jackson’s play on the football field. The facts could be inconvenient or even racist.

Written by Bobby Burack

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