Enjoy A Swedish ‘Sweat Sesh’ With Kristin Cavallari

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Kristin Cavallari, an OutKick star and the ex-wife of former NFL QB Jay Cutler, is enjoying a little R&R across the pond.

Cavallari has been exploring snowy Sweden all week, and hasn’t been shy about sharing her big trip with her over 4 million Instagram followers. She actually started her excursion in Finland, but has since made camp in Stockholm with a couple of buddies.

Along the way, the former Laguna Beach star took some time for a quick spa day, and in the process sent out a couple of Instagram heaters to celebrate her “sweat sesh” on the table.

And guess what, haters? She doesn’t wanna hear any of the “she’s a mother” talk, either!

Kristin Cavallari.
Kristin Cavallari loves a good sweat!

Kristin Cavallari in a bikini on Swedish vacation

Goodness gracious, Kristin. What a bender she’s been on recently. Pure content machine right now, both domestic and international.

It’s been quite a few months for Cavallari, who split from Cutler a few years ago and appears more than ready to get back out there.


Earlier this year, she revealed that she dated Matt Leinart during his Heisman days at USC. A few weeks later, she went on a podcast and revealed that she broke up with a guy via text message.

“I’ve ended things over text with guys before,” she said on the Back to the Beach podcast. “I know that’s horrible. When I’ve been talking to someone for a month and a half or two months, yeah. If I’ve only hung out with you a couple times and I’m like, ‘This is going nowhere’ — I actually just recently did that over a text. I know, it’s pretty f–ked up.

“I got a voice note back. I got multiple voice notes back, and I was like, ‘S–t. I should probably send you a voice note, but I don’t even want to.’”

Don’t know when that happened, but it looks like Cavallari has bounced back in a big way. She’s been on her big trip for a week now, and it’s showing no signs of ending any time soon.

For our sakes, I hope it doesn’t.

Kristin Cavallari vacation.
Kristin Cavallari is crushing her Swedish vacation.

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