Eminem ‘Salutes’ Jets Rookie Jerome Kapp Following ‘Hard Knocks’ Rap Performance

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If it was up to Eminem, New York Jets undrafted rookie wide receiver Jerome Kapp would already be on the team.

On Thursday, the rap legend quote tweeted and saluted a performance of Kapp performing a live rendition of Em’s rap battle in the 2002 movie “8 Mile.” Kapp’s clip aired on Tuesday’s episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks show that is following the Jets this preseason.

For those that know 8 Mile, you know EXACTLY what scene I’m referring to. It’s one of the best rap battle scenes when Em – who plays aspiring rapper “B Rabbit” in the film – absolutely dominates and defeats his arch nemesis during a live rap improv battle. The song itself, the words, the tempo… everything about it just gets you going.


It’s one thing for Marshall Mathers to do it, but it’s a heck of a leap for some undrafted rookie. However, the wide receiver was able to step up to the occasion, stand in front of Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Jets team, and let his rap skills loose in a bid to win over his teammates.


I would like to officially give Jerome Kapp a new nickname – B Rabbit. The Jets need to sign him just for the fact that it would be a great marketing ploy.

During Tuesday’s Hard Knocks episode, Kapp pretty much did the only thing that’s been remotely exciting about the otherwise dreadfully-boring show.

Sporting a beanie with a hoodie over his head, Kapp came out during a player’s meeting with various rookies doing skits or introducing themselves, and decided to grab the mic and hit the classic 8 Mile battle song.

As soon as he says the opening lines “Yo everybody from the 313, put your mother f’n hands up and follow me…” the Jets players go BERZERK. They all start cheering and singing along.

Aaron Rodgers gave a standing ovation to rookie Jeremy Kapp’s 8 Mile performance. (HBO Hard Knocks)


Kapp took a gamble, no doubt. It’s always hard to impersonate a rapper, when one is in fact… not a rapper. So this could have went terribly. But he absolutely delivered. From the lines about Clarence, to “F the free world,” to the whole spectacle. Kapp did the damn thing. And honestly, just rewatching it got me super pumped up for the Jets season.

According to reports, Kapp has had a solid training camp. He’ll have one more time to grab the mic – albeit football style – this weekend when the Jets play the Giants before final roster cuts.

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