Good News, Fellas: Newly Single Emily Ratajkowski Likes Smelly Guys

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Huge news on the Emily Ratajkowski front: if you’re a generally smelly guy – which is basically all of us – you have a puncher’s chance at landing the newly single model.

How about that to lift you up on an otherwise dull Thursday afternoon?!

 “I really don’t like scent on men,” Ratajkowski told People Magazine this week. “I like them to smell like themselves. I say that and maybe I’ll live to regret it, but I like the smell. I like pheromones. I like getting a sense of somebody based on their smell.”

Emily Ratajkowski loves stinky guys.
Emily Ratajkowski loves a good stench. (Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images)

Emily Ratajkowski likes smelly men after Pete Davidson fling

BOOOOOOOM! Emily has spoken loud and clear, fellas. You want a shot with her? Just keep on doing what you’re doing.

No need for the Axe body spray, forget the Old Spice, throw away the Irish Hills … Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t want you smelling like a middle school locker room.

She wants whatever scent you’re born with. As Creed Bratton once said, “Au naturel, baby. That’s how I like them. Swing low, sweet chariots.”

Ratajkowski has been searching for that perfect scent for some time after divorcing ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard last year.

Her most recent fling was with Pete Davidson, who must smell terrible because his resume is insane. She’s also been spotted with Jack Greer, Eli Bronfman and DJ Orazio Rispo.

Her latest love interest is apparently with stinky comedian Eric Andre, who left a little smiley face emoji under her latest Instagram post. Guess that means things went well?

In any event, have at it, fellas. Go on a jog, work up a sweat, get those pheromones flowing and then shoot your shot with Emily. Sounds like the perfect situation.

Written by Zach Dean

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