Elon Musk-Mark Zuckerberg Fight To Take Place At Rome’s Colosseum? It Could Happen

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Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg may be throwing it back to the Roman gladiator days as their fight, wrestling match, whatever they plan on doing, may take place at the historic Colosseum.

According to TMZ Sports, Zuckerberg was contacted by Italy’s Minister of Culture to see if there was interest in the much-hyped feud to happen in the world’s most famous fight theater. The outlet says that according to their sources, the historic venue reached out to not only Musk and Zuckerberg, but also UFC President Dana White, who has been acting as an intermediary between the two’s possible fight. TMZ also reports that both Zuck and Musk are 100% in for having it take place at the site.


The Ministry of Culture has since denied TMZ’s report, saying that if Zuckerberg and Musk wanted to perform in the Colosseum they would have to make a non-violent challenge,” because of course they did. However, TMZ is sticking with their reporting – saying they went back to their sources who doubled downed that there is talk of the fight taking place at the Colosseum.

Musk challenged Zuckerberg to ‘a cage fight,’ after rumors that the Facebook / Meta founder was planning on launching a Twitter-like competitor. Social media erupted in cheers like the Roman crowd did back in the gladiator days when Zuck agreed to it and now even Dana White is involved trying to make the absurd idea actually become a reality.

The Colosseum idea has even received more push after Musk randomly mentioned the venue earlier this week – before TMZ’s report.


Honestly, there’s only two places that this fight can happen – either Las Vegas or the Colosseum. Vegas would be straight up an absolute zoo. You’d have anyone and everyone going there to see these two lunatics go at it. But the Colosseum aspect is pretty damn cool too.

Think of the pageantry and build up that would be around it. You’d have Musk walking out looking like a gladiator – helmet and all, while Zuck would enter the gladiator arena on a damn chariot. And you best have Russell Crowe as a guest commentator!

The last gladiator fight took place at the Colosseum in 404. Despite the site pretty much looking like a run down relic – with only the outside columns still in tact, they still do have events there. Paul McCartney played to about 400 people back in 2003, while other concerts and events are consistently held outdoors.

There’s no word on if the fight would be inside or outside… but you just know that both – who are obsessed with their public image, would want it held inside. Dana White, don’t let us down!

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