Elon Musk Finds COVID Testing ‘Bogus’

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Elon Musk suspects strange, even “bogus,” activity with current COVID testing. Musk raised eyebrows when he took four tests in one day, two of which came back positive and two were negative.

So, does Musk have coronavirus? Apparently, four tests aren’t enough to say.

Musk weighs in:

According to tests, COVID cases have spiked nationwide of late. As Musk says, this can’t be happening just to him.

“If it’s happening to me, it’s happening to others,” Musk tweets. “I’m getting PCR tests from separate labs. Results will take about 24 hours.”

Musk said he has common, mild symptoms of a “typical cold.”

Dr. Clare Craig, a diagnostic pathologist, says there are testing issues and that the PCR errors are causing “a false positive pseudo epidemic”:

There are still significant questions remaining about COVID, including the reliability of widespread testing. This is particularly troubling as decision-makers have used them as the basis for issuing stay-at-home advisories and cancelling Thanksgiving.

Assuming Joe Biden prevails, as news networks project, the number of positive cases will be a determining factor in deciding if he will lock down the country.

OutKick’s Clay Travis discussed the topic Friday morning:

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that the Biden administration will try to implement nationwide lockdowns.

“I’d make it nearly a 100% certainty. The only thing to keep this from happening, honestly, would be if we could get the vaccine rolled out and start delivering it before he’s inaugurated.

“One of Biden’s top COVID advisors is already saying he’s in favor of a four-to-six-week lockdown. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t try this. That’s despite the fact that Biden lied and said he wouldn’t lock down the country in the debates.”

What a mess.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. It’s funny: all the Elon Musk liberal fan boys are now mad at him on Twitter. For speaking facts! We all know that these “positive” counts are vastly overstated, but when someone like him says it, it is quite powerful.

  2. You can warn a kid and tell him not to play with matches until you’re blue in the face, but until he burns his fingers and then whines to you about it you have to hold off on laughing at him. Well, it’s fixing to be laughing time at the expense of a lot of dumbass kids. They’ve earned what’s coming. Yes, I’m old.

  3. Mr. Burack ,the wolves are after you a bit on the “message board”. I’m as RIGHT WING as they come and was not particularly offended by your articles this week. However, when you source people like “humpty dumpty” Stelter and Axios ,(beyond fake) you will get blowback from members and rightfully so. We’re here to avoid the bullshit not to censor anyone. There are still sources out there that are not partisan , Sheryl Atkisson, Lara Logan, James Rosen , to name a few. Your article on covid testing is right on, “something stinks in Denmark”.

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