California Gov. Newsom Puts Severe Restrictions on Thanksgiving

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Amid California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s latest demands, OutKick readers in California have spent the weekend replanning Thanksgiving.

Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, and Gretchen Whitmer are in a fierce race to chase citizens to Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. And with his latest move, Newsom took a commanding lead.

Megyn Kelly broke down Newsom’s Thanksgiving rules:

Do people sing on Thanksgiving?

What happens if a family member in town for the holidays stops over and exceeds the three family member limit? As of now, you’ll be deemed a troublemaker. Luckily, Rob Schneider is seeking further clarification:

At least with the limit, leftovers will last a few extra days. (No uncle taking home half the apple pie this year.)

If California media weren’t as bad as NPR explaining why it won’t cover the Hunter Biden story, Newsom would be crushed right about now.

California allows three-four hour limited seating for outside sporting events but Thanksgiving gatherings can only last two hours? One may want to understand that logic.

As mockable as Newsom’s latest demand is — nothing will top his early-October ruling, which told diners to wear masks in-between bites.

No, really:

This isn’t an anti-mask reaction to make Savannah Guthrie’s weekend, but putting a mask on in-between chicken wing bites should lead SNL before Newsom changes Christmas.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I think these nuts are intentionally trying to run their citizens off so they will move to red states to turn them blue. There’s no sane reason to enact all these arbitrary rules that obviously don’t protect anyone. This is a sabotage operation.

  2. The people of california are getting exactly what they deserve they have been voting these tyrannical mainly dems types in for a couple of decades now and i feel zero sympathy and prolly more to come. I am third gen born and raised in socal i left over 12 years ago and have never regretted the state has become third world basket case.

  3. You really have to wonder if this isn’t a Babylon Bee headline. I know it isn’t ,sadly, but how does the state government honestly think people aren’t laughing their heads off at this — and at Governor Hair Gel. The good news is that the major cities are in the process of defunding their police, so there is no one to enforce this nonsense. I got out of California 3 months ago – not a moment too soon.

  4. Trust me, there are millions of Californians that are completely fed up with the situation. Trump might not take Cali, but it will be closer this time and people are waking up to the shenanigans. There will be change.

  5. Not going to happen. Not only will we have our usual Thanksgiving, we will also have a family Halloween party next week. Newsome is ridiculous.
    Unfortunately, if the AOCs of the world get their way, the USA will end up a single-party state as California has. I had to explain to my mom that I have to vote for all Republicans down-ballot because of this reason. I live in Orange County and the “blue wave” of two years ago seems to be getting worse. City Council and School Board elections are turning partisan. I don’t know what it will take for reasonable people to take the state back.

  6. And of course, this is all racist and classist as hell. These restrictions wont be a problem for WASP Newsom on his winery. But what if you live in an apartment? What if you’re a big, blue collar, catholic Hispanic family, like the majority of Californians these days? What Newsome is saying is, just have a rich white people Thanksgiving and you wont get into trouble. This is a great example of how the most woke are also the most racist.

  7. Who exactly will be enforcing these rules pray tell? Don’t get me wrong, all these rules are moronic but what the hell difference does it make if you are together for 2 hours or 10? If someone at your Thanksgiving meal has covid is it not transferable in the first 2 hours, it is only contagious after that time limit?

  8. At this stage of the game, anyone complying with these people is the greater fool.

    “The Establishment has failed. It failed to meet its most basic obligations. What’s this mean? That means you’re free. You owe it nothing, not respect, deference, or obedience.”

    Nothing much more to say. They have no leverage, other than the wholly artificial belief that because they’re “government”, you will do as you’re told. Time to dispel that belief.

  9. This is so arbitrary, it feels like he’s saying it just because he can.

    I wish the good people of California would call BS on this and ignore it, but not doubt a lot of people will take it seriously. IN THEIR OWN HOMES.

  10. This is California. Other than a few Karens, literally, no one will give this a second thought. The only reason he is doing this is to offset the rage from Karen when they need a reason to bitch if he didn’t say anything at all. This is California, risk analysis before reward. Every ambulance chaser ever in this country that actually makes decent money cut their teeth in California.

  11. The homeless are still crapping on sidewalks, in fact thanks to Gavin they probably have a new batch of homeless people due to all the work restrictions.

  12. I’m a native Californian, born in San Diego. I lived all over the southern part of the state. Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Santa Clarita and Ventura.

    After 20 years active duty in the Navy, I retired and then worked another 10 years for the California Highway Patrol. I planned on making it to 20 years with the CHP.

    However, I just couldn’t stand this type of unhinged application of authority. The taxes, never ending fires, 24 hour heavy traffic everywhere, etc.

    In 2018, I resigned from the CHP and took my family to Middle Tennessee.

    I spoke to an old friend who is still employed with the state. He said they have been advised that they will deploy the CHP Special Response Team (SRT) to make house calls on those “reportedly” violating the commandant’s directive.

    I was part of SRT and it’s primary use
    is for riot and crowd control (i.e., we would go to Berkley when Ben Shapiro would speak because the peaceful citizens who disagree would threaten his life and show up throwing bottles of piss and feces at us).

    The CHP Commissioner works directly for the Gov and must comply with and enforce his orders.
    Most officers I know can’t stand the job anymore because they are blatantly being used as leftist political and ideology enforcers.

    The sad part is California is stunningly diverse and an absolutely beautiful place to live. The state has been highjacked by selfish ass hats, entitled celebrity athletes and millionaire politicians who’ve never once held a real job.

    I’ve been in Tennessee for a little over two years now and have zero regrets.

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