All That and a Bag of Mail: Will Joe Biden Lock Down the Country Again?

Total166 It’s Friday, and thanks to a 17 yard punt — IN AN NFL GAME — the Titans fell apart in the final twenty minutes against the Colts and are now 4-19 in their past 23 games in this division “rivalry.” I should have stayed retired and not gone and watched this game in person. More

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Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder of OutKick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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  1. I think there’s a whiff of optimism that with Biden in the White House, the Karenization of America will slow down. Much of the extreme reaction to COVID19 can be blamed on TDS and people who were just obsessed with it.

    IF we do close down again, the right play is keep the schools open, and shut bars, restaurants, go back to no in-person sporting events. Not that I think that’s necessary, but its a far better option than closing everything but grocery stores and medical offices. The Government realized fairly quickly last time that they can’t pay 100 Million people to stay home and watch Netflix for 2 months. So if you do have to close some facet of the economy, limit it to the service industry, pay those people to stay home, more importantly pay the overhead costs that will keep those small businesses alive for 2 months so people have jobs to go back to.

    The biggest cock up from the first slow down was closing everything. You simply can’t do that again, and people will fight this time.

    • Unfortunately, I think just the opposite is true.

      I agree many felt the extreme over-reaction to Covid and the “Karenization” (great word, btw!!) would decrease after the election because they thought Trump would win and the left would no longer have any great incentives to blame every covid case on the President.

      But “the govt” actually DOES NOT realize that you can’t pay 100 million people to stay home. At least, the people who are going to be in charge of “the govt” as of January of 2021. This is precisely why Schumer and Pelosi want ANOTHER $2 Trillion of our grandchildrens’ piggy bank money. They are just fine with the average Joe working at the gas station going broke. Then that guy has to go on welfare, and sign up for Medicaid, and food stamps, and now they own him. He (Avg Joe) has now gone from being independent and self-sufficient, to being 100% dependent on “the government.”

      They (our newly elected president and his cronies) don’t care about small businesses. The small businesses are not supporting them. Small businesses and people working for a living are the people they have bragged about “punishing” for supporting Trump. The left care about the media-industrial complex, big tech, getting favors from the Chinese, and demanding we all go broke from abolishing fossil fuels.

      People didn’t learn their lesson from the first 10 months of Covid. All they learned was to slurp the massive media kool-aid of “it’s all Trump’s fault.” Maybe what we need is for Biden to shut down the economy (AND all sports, AND all social gatherings, AND going outside) for about another 90-180 days. (at which time, the virus will come roaring back again). Then, when unemployment goes to 40%, and there’s no toilet paper, and you are locked up in your house 24 hrs a day, folks might realize the mistake they made in voting to emulate Venezuela.

      We ultimately get the government we deserve. [That is, of course, you believe that there is absolutely zero vote fraud in a national election in a technologically-savvy, first-world Superpower country, where multiple urban locales still cannot figure out 2 weeks after the election who voted for whom.]

    • It will never happen. There are few, if any, Republican governors who will abide by any kind of unconstitutional lockdown order from a Democrat president. And there are more Republican than Democrat governors. They will either ignore the ‘federal mandate’ or issue a watered-down version that they think won’t get them ousted from office the next time they’re up for re-election.

  2. The braindead dummy puppet, the mumbling bumbling creepy senile criminal racist pervert crazy Joe Biden is looking the revive the 8 year crime spree against America him and the hate spewing racist inept corrupt beta male DictatorO carried out 4 years ago. The deep state is hell bent on turning America into Venezuela and now that they have stolen the election and installed their dummy puppet, the crime machine can again operate without fear.

  3. None of these dimwit dems in these blue states are going to say jack shit about being repressed by their totalitarian leftist overlords. New Mexico has a ban on gatherings of more than five (!) people. And Biden won the state easily. They’re sheep who don’t give a fuck about the constitution [and I’m talking about the citizens AND the elected and unelected officials.]

  4. Those who live in red states have a hell of a lot more chance of succeeding then those of us in states like NY and NJ. Even if we band together and sue, the liberal judges will rule in favor of our Governors and they will be backed by Biden. Trump was our only hope . We are fucked.

  5. If Trump loses, who fills that void? He put a spine in many, many political cucks and pantywaists. The RINOs and neocons will try to drag the party back to its Bush-era policies. Guys like Romney and Sasse will do all they can to concede the fight in the name of unity (cross-aisle sell out), etc. We all need to put continuous pressure on state and local pols to fight, fight, fight. Never concede an inch to these fucking Marxists. Not one inch. Also, are we really debating what Biden will do? Really?!

    • I’m thinking the O/U on Biden’s presidency is 1 year…then the 25th A gets invoked bc he can’t perform his duties…well hello, Kamala…hello madam president.
      But I still believe this nightmare won’t happen.

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