Eli Manning Shows Elite Form In Chugging Beer Out Of Stanley Cup

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Do you want to know how I know the Stanley Cup is the greatest trophy in all sports? Look out how excited Eli Manning — a man with two Lombardi Trophies under his belt — got when given the opportunity to chug a beer out of it.

It’s tough to drink beers off the Lombardi Trophy. You’re only option is to do that luge move that Travis Kelce did.

No; the Stanley Cup is the OG boozin’ trophy.

Eli was what sure looks like a golf club, if ever I’ve seen one. Brad Richards — he of the 2004 Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning — was there too, and for whatever reason he had Lord Stanley’s Cup on hand.

As one does.

Well, a beer poured into the oldest trophy in North American professional sports isn’t going to drink itself. That’s why Richards called Eli over for a few swigs.

Any hockey/booze fan will tell you that chugging beer out of the Stanley Cup is a two-man operation, like moving a couch or… or… moving something else that’s large and unwieldy.

Brad Richards has clearly been the wingman on a few Cup chugs in his day. While this may have been Eli’s first time sipping from the same bowl that dudes wash their kids’ asses in, you can tell he’s no slouch when it comes to chugging a cold one.

As one Twitter user so eloquently put it:

There’s no doubt the man would’ve been hitting up some tailgates in his college days… if he didn’t have to play in the games.

Manning might have a burgeoning interest in hockey. He was spotted at a New Jersey Devils playoff game earlier this year.

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