Edmonton Oilers Fans Troll Will Ferrell With Their Own Face Paint During Game 5

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Will Ferrell is a noted Los Angeles Kings fan and showed up to Game 3 against the Edmonton Oilers decked out face paint to support the team a la Seinfeld‘s David Puddy.

Don’t think for a second that Oilers fans failed to pick up on this. They absolutely noticed and turned out to Game 5 with the series knotted at 2 to troll the comedian.

There were a few “tributes” to the Step Brothers star floating around the stands inside Rogers Place on Tuesday night.

Let’s see a few shall we? The first one we’ve got is this fella who paired Ferrell’s checkerboard face-paint job with a cutout of the actor and a pair of sunglass that would make Ali G say “Booyakasha.”

Oilers fan trolling WIll Ferrell
An Oilers fan trolls Will Ferrell at Rogers Place during Game 5 between the Kings and Oilers. (Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports)

Solid job, but there were a couple more faux-Ferrells on hand Tuesday night,

We Got An SNL Reference And A Will Ferrell Doppelgänger Too

Next, we have someone who hit up Staples (or whatever the Canadian Staples is. St-Eh-Ples? Sorry) and made a sign that tips the cap to one of Ferrell’s greatest sketches during his time on Saturday Night Live.

Believe it or not, kids; that show used to be funny.

An Oilers hold a sign that references one of, if not the greatest comedy sketches ever written about Blue Öyster Cult. (Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports)

“Oilers” is a bit shoe-horned in there. Still, it’s a good nod to one of the many sketches Jimmy Fallon ruined by laughing. This fan nicked Ferrel’s paint scheme as well (which in Kings colors made him look like a rejected member of Kiss).

However, the Grand Poobah of trolling Will Ferrell in Edmonton was without question this dude who looked almost exactly like him.

That guy must have been pumped when he realized he had tickets to Game 5 and a beard and hat combo similar to Ferrells.

That was a stroke of trolling destiny.

As for the game, all of these folks left Rogers Place happy as the Oilers won Game 5 6-3. That gives them a 3-2 series lead and puts Ferrell’s Kings on the ropes.

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