Ed Reed Loudly Echoes Deion Sanders On Issues With HBCUs, ‘Broken Mentalities’ During Passionate Instagram Rant

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Ed Reed has been the head coach at Bethune-Cookman for less than a month and has not even come to an agreement on the terms of his deal. That is not stopping him from speaking out— loudly.

Over the course of Deion Sanders’ time at Jackson State, a three-year tenure, he was vocal about his frustrations. While he served as a great ambassador for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, he was also critical.

Specifically, Coach Prime was concerned with the lack of administrative support and failed transparency in regard to financial solvency. He recently told Shannon Sharpe, an HBCU alumnus, that he was willing to hire an auditing firm to investigate why HBCUs are struggling in that department.

I wanted to bring solvency to, ‘how are we broke?’ How are we always asking? Why are we always in the deficit? Everybody? You mean, everybody? That’s a problem for me. So let’s investigate that […] Let’s find the faults.

If it’s the state, if it’s the government— where is this coming? This lack thereof.

— Deion Sanders on the state of HBCUs, via Club Shay Shay

Their entire conversation about HBCUs and Sanders’ departure to Colorado provides a lot of insight into the underlying issues at schools like Jackson State, Savannah State and Bethune-Cookman.

Coach Prime left Mississippi for Boulder at the beginning of December. Reed left Miami for Daytona Beach at the end of December.

Ed Reed is already echoing Deion Sanders’ sentiments.

During a conversation on Instagram live over the weekend, Reed said that “Prime was not wrong about what he was saying.” He is not happy with the conditions at B-CU.

All y’all out there with y’all opinions full of crap. Don’t know sh*t. But needless to say.

I just pulled up the work. We’re going to try to help y’all too man. Because I know a lot of HBCUs need help. I’m just here to help here first. I see it all too clearly. All of our HBCUs need help. And they need help because of the people who’s running it. Broken mentalities out here.

— Ed Reed on the state of HBCUs

Reed also hinted that he has been trying to offer his resources to the program and to the school.

I’ve been here for a week and a half and have done more than people that have been here in frickin’ years. And I’m not even hired yet. Damn shame.

— Ed Reed on his first 10 days at Bethune-Cookman

Murmurs from around the football program and its coach have indicated that Reed has requested a new turf field and enhanced facilities. While both of those things would be great, he asked for much less in an expletive-laced rant (for which he later apologized) on Sunday afternoon.

Reed’s tenure with the Wildcats is already off to a hot start. He, clearly, is not going to hold back on the things that he believes or the things that he wants to be improved.

Bethune-Cookman will open its season Sept. 2 at Memphis. It will play at Miami, Reed’s alma mater, on Sept. 14.

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