Ed Orgeron Randomly Shows Up At Notre Dame In Slick Leather Jacket, Tells Irish To ‘Kick That A**’ As If He’s Still Coaching

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Ed Orgeron is enjoying his time off. The 61-year-old national champion head coach was fired by LSU midway through last season and has been living his best life.

The Louisiana-native has been spilling his secrets to the media and popped up at various schools, both high school and college, over the last few months.

Orgeron showed up for Miami’s game at Texas A&M at the end of September, because his son is on the Hurricanes’ coaching staff, which makes sense. He also looked jacked.

His appearance on Saturday didn’t quite add up in the same way.

After visiting South Bend over the summer in support of Marcus Freeman who replaced Brian Kelly who replaced Orgeron, he was back in town for Notre Dame’s game against Stanford. Again, there is no tie between the former USC, Ole Miss and LSU coach and the Fighting Irish.

Nevertheless, Ed Orgeron was at Notre Dame rocking a slick leather jacket

If his presence wasn’t enough, Orgeron made sure that his voice was heard. As the team took part in its weekly pregame walk to Notre Dame Stadium, you would have never known that he isn’t coaching.

Orgeron could be yelling multiple variations of “kick ass” as he threw out countless fist pounds.

He also kept reminding the players that it was “our house” even though it is definitely not his house.

Once the game got underway, Orgeron and his girlfriend had sideline passes to take-in the action.

This entire thing is extremely funny. You have to love Coach O.

Perhaps he is lobbying for a job with Freeman’s staff after this season. If not, then he must really be leaning all of the way into his dislike of Kelly by throwing all of his support behind Freeman.

No matter the reason, life is better when Orgeron is just randomly showing up at different college football games across the country. Hopefully this trend continues!

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