New College Football Video Game Might Include An Awesome Feature

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EA Sports plans to make the upcoming college football game outstanding, and fans are going to love one detail that might be included.

EA Sports College Football” (unknown if that will be the final title) is slated to hit shelves July 2023, and it will be the first college football game released by EA Sports in a decade.

Yes, after a decade without a new college football video game, fans will be able to get back on the gridiron as their favorite college program, and a key feature about the CFP will possibly be included.

Following the College Football Playoff officially expanding to 12 teams, EA Sports will possibly make the playoff 12 teams in the game, despite it not actually happening until 2026, according to The Athletic.

It’s not set in stone as of now, but it is on the table.

A 12-team playoff will be the first playoff in the game.

One of the big issues with “NCAA Football 14” was the lack of a playoff option. The game was released in 2013, and the first playoff didn’t happen until the following season.

If EA Sports had its head on correctly, a playoff would have been built in. Instead, it was the traditional BCS format.

That means fans who still play the game have never had a playoff option.

That will change no matter what in 2023 because the four-team playoff already exists. However, putting in a 12-team playoff would be epic.

It would really get the ball rolling and give fans something to get fired up about.

When does the new college football video game come out? (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

No matter what happens, fans are going to be juiced when July 2023 gets here. I haven’t bought a video game in probably at least 8 years. That will change next summer. Millions of fans will be diving in, and I will be one of them. Make sure to keep checking back for the latest updates on “EA Sports College Football”

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