New College Football Video Game Slated To Come Out July 2023, But It’s Not All Good News

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The upcoming college football video game is on schedule to be released next summer, but there’s at least one major drawback.

“EA Sports College Football 24” is expected to hit shelves in July 2023, according to 247Sports, and that should make a lot of people very happy.

However, gamers without a PS5 or the latest XBox won’t be able to play. The game won’t be produced for PS4 or XBox One users, according to Brandon Marcello.

That means users without the latest consoles will have to buy one in order to get in on the action. That’s certainly a drawback.

Furthermore, “EA Sports College Football 24” will be built on the same engine used to produce the popular “Madden” series.

However, 247Sports reported that “the game isn’t simply a reskin of the Madden game,” and that it will possess expanded playbooks and unique features.

A new college football video game is being released in 2023. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

Given the complaints people have annually about “Madden,” it does seem like a bit of a red flag. Of course, it could all turn out just fine.

EA Sports College Football 24” being on the same engine as “Madden” is just worth keeping an eye on.

Really, this shouldn’t be overly difficult for EA Sports. The last college football game came out in 2013, and ever since then, fans have been begging for a new one.

What do fans need to know about “EA Sports College Football 24”? (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

Now, we’re getting one next summer, and EA Sports shouldn’t overthink the situation. Give fans better graphics, intense playbooks, a great dynasty mode with fun recruiting and a fun in-game experience.

If EA Sports does that, people will throw money at the company for a copy.

When does the new college football video game come out? (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

My college roommates and I played more hours of “NCAA Football” than we could ever count. As soon as we got back from the bars, it was time to get after it on the PS3. “NCAA Football 14” was the last video game I believe I even bought.

Just play off that nostalgia and everything will be fine. Keep it simple, keep it fun and people will pay!

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