Dude Watching The Office On A Plane Has No Clue He’s Sitting Next To Rainn Wilson

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Imagine kicking back on a flight and watching one of your favorite shows, only to have one of the show’s stars sitting next to you and you don’t even realize it. Well, that happened to one fella who was watching The Office right next to Dwight Schrute himself, Rainn Wilson

And he had no clue.

Wilson recently posted a video to his Instagram story in which an oblivious fan is sitting just feet away from him.

It’s easy to gang up on that dude and wonder how he could’ve not realized Wilson was right there, but I guarantee, there’s no way I would’ve noticed him either. I’m terrible at recognizing celebrities in the wild, especially when I’m not expecting to see them, like on a plane.

Plus, how many of you could recognize Wilson sans Dwight glasses while he’s hiding half of his face behind a surgical mask? I think that’s a low percentage too.

So, in this dude’s defense, I think most of would’ve been in his position — watching The Office (only the first five or so seasons though; the good season) on a plane — and been every bit as oblivious.

How Many Other Oblivious Passengers Have Been Seated Next To Celebrities Like This Fan Of The Office Was?

This incident has me wondering. If I’ve ever watched something on a plane next to one of the stars. I’m fairly certain I never sat next to Larry David, Ricky Gervais, or any of the Three Stooges. But if this video ever taught us anything, it’s who can be certain?

Maybe the lesson here is to check with your seatmate to make sure that they’re not in whatever you’re watching. It sounds invasive, but the alternative is winding up on the internet looking like an oblivious ass, so …

Here’s how I’d do it. I’d give them a quick once over to make sure I didn’t recognize them. If they’re bundled up to fight Covid like it’s March 2020 the way Wilson was, I’d take a more direct approach. I would point at the screen and be like, “Hey man, you’re not in this are you?”

If they say no, and it turns out they’re just a regular person flying home for a funeral or something, I’d go back to watching.

If they happen to say yes, then I could be like “Sweet… mind can I get a picture?”

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