Drunk Florida Man Claims To Be Mick Jagger, Picks Fights, Throws Up In Police Car

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“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing,” famed rock ‘n roll legend Mick Jagger once said. Florida Man Eugene Bingham, 59, took that to heart Monday night when he raised hell at 5-star Yelp restaurant Ocean Prime in Naples, Florida where he (allegedly) got loaded and told people in the restaurant that he was Jagger.

And because anything worth doing is worth overdoing, Bingham is accused of jumping on stage with a band that was performing and took his rock ‘n roll lifestyle to the next level by picking several fights and charging a cop.

ABC-7 reports a woman flagged down a police officer and said “a drunk male in a red shirt is yelling at people claiming he is Mick Jagger.”

Florida Man Mick Jagger lookalike
Eugene Bingham, 59, claimed he was Mick Jagger / Collier County Sheriff’s Department; Getty Images

Bingham had exited Ocean Prime as things got heated and was spotted by cops at a nearby park. It was there that the bad boy of rock ‘n roll charged cops and told them “don’t f–k with me, leave me the f–k alone.”

Mick’s lookalike was cuffed and thrown in a cruiser where he proceeded to puke on his way to jail.

That’s right, Eugene had overdone it. He went so overboard that another local restaurant called police to say their Jagger lookalike was kicked out of that establishment three times for being loaded and disruptive.

Mick Light was booked on a battery on an officer charge and a simple disorderly intox charge.

It’s been a big week for guys who have taken police reports to the next level. In Las Vegas, a man claimed he had a “grenade up his ass” and was going to blow up the Strat casino by farting and exploding the grenade. He also claimed to be Joe Rogan 2.0.

And in New Mexico, a mad man broke into a house, ate the homeowner’s shrimp, drank beer, took a bath and then left $200 on a chair on his way out after being caught by the homeowner.

2022 is off to a hot start. Buckle up for a big year. We’re just getting started.

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