Man Breaks Into New Mexico House, Eats Shrimp, Drinks Beer, Leaves $200 On His Way Out

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New Mexico police arrested a man this week whom they say broke into a home, ate the homeowner’s shrimp, drank beer out of the fridge and reportedly took a bath before apologizing to the homeowner and leaving $200 to fix the damage he’d done to get into the house, according to media reports.

In court documents, the homeowner states that upon returning home, he found Teral Christesson, 34, in the house with a rifle and eating shrimp and drinking beer. As if that isn’t crazy enough, Teral had a bizarre answer when asked why he was in the house. Teral claims “his family was killed in east Texas and he was running from somebody.”

He then told the homeowner that his car broke down 100 miles outside of Santa Fe.

That was it. Teral left the $200 and he walked off into a ditch.

Man breaks into house eats shrimp drinks beer
Teral Christesson / via Santa Fe County Jail / Santa Fe New Mexican

Ah, but that wasn’t the end of Teral in Santa Fe. Police caught up to the wild man Monday after he was accused of holding a woman at gunpoint and attempting a carjacking at a Church’s Chicken. The woman told police that the man had a rifle in a duffel bag and approached her and told her to get out, but she began honking her horn and scared off the man, believed to be Teral.

Police eventually caught up to their man, who told them he was “caught in a blizzard” Sunday and thought he’d freeze to death. Then he admitted to breaking into the Santa Fe house where he was caught eating shrimp and drinking beer, but he wouldn’t talk about the attempted carjacking charge.

Now Teral’s in jail on charges ranging from aggravated burglary, larceny, and aggravated assault.

The Albuquerque Journal reports the larceny charge for the shrimp and beer totaled $15.

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