Draymond Green Makes Rudy Gobert Eat His Words With Tremendous Callback After Timberwolves Sideline Punch

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Draymond Green may forgive, but he does not forget. He might not even forgive!

Green, the ever-controversial forward for Golden State, was ready to pounce all over Rudy Gobert on Sunday night. The situation could not have presented itself any better.

In a storyline that has almost been forgotten, the Warriors got off to a rough start in 2023. There was tension in the locker room, that exists to some extent, after a preseason practice altercation.

Green threw a vicious punch on his teammate, Jordan Poole, after getting up in the young guard’s face. He cold-cocked him and sent him to flounder onto the hardwood.

Video of the incident later leaked, and did not reflect well on Green.

He later took time away from the organization, and returned to sing Poole’s praises after being fined by the organization. Green’s punch sparked a lot of conversation around the league.

Gobert was among those to weigh-in with a cryptic tweet on the day that the news broke— Oct. 7, 2022. He, (not-so) indirectly, called Green insecure.

Well, in the words of the prophet Michael Scott, “well, well, well, how the turn tables…”

Draymond Green and Rudy Gobert aren’t so dissimilar!

During Sunday night’s game against New Orleans, Gobert punched his own teammate. The fist flew after he and Kyle Anderson got into a verbal altercation during a timeout.

Gobert, who once cast a stone at Green, is now sitting in a glass house. He is no better. He did the exact same thing, if not worse because it happened during what may have been Minnesota’s most-important game of the year in terms of playoff implications.

Green was all over it. As soon as the incident in Minnesota went down, the 33-year-old hit back (pun intended) at Gobert on Twitter by throwing his words right back in his face.

Clearly, Gobert’s tweet stuck with Green. It has been six months since the Timberwolves center tweeted about the Poole punch. Green did not forget. THIS LEAGUE!

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