Drake Jackson Calls Christian McCaffrey ‘Little White Boy’ In Reaction To 49ers Trade

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San Francisco defensive end Drake Jackson is excited that the 49ers traded for “little white boy” Christian McCaffrey.

The 49er shipped off a handful of future NFL Draft picks for the now-former Carolina Panthers running back. Jackson shared his reaction on video and made sure to point out the color of his new teammate’s skin.

“Christin fu-kin’ McCaffrey, we got a little white boy,” Jackson said with excitement.

If the roles were reversed here, and a white player made a similar comment about any other person’s skin color, the media and NFL fans on social media would be outraged. Nobody else will be willing to point out that fact.


Jackson’s comments aren’t nearly as outwardly racist as Andre Iguodala’s were a few weeks back, but the response will be just as silent.

Iguodala went on record talking about new Warriors teammate Donte DiVincenzo, and how he is a good player, despite being white.

“He’s really good. I have this funny thing with white players” Iguodala said. “It’s like, ‘Yo, it ain’t too many of y’all that are really good.’ But he’s good. I’m like, ‘You’re one of the white guys that actually belong at a high level.’”

The 26-year-old McCaffrey joins a 3-3 49ers team that finds itself in an NFC West division filled with nothing but three-win teams.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. The NFL and NBA are decidedly Black-centric businesses. This was predictably inevitable ten years ago. That black athletes dominate both leagues is A FACT and will only become more so in the years to come. That a portion of those black athletes are going to go full-bore racist … knowing they CAN – is a reality. The sports media AKA ESPN will condone it so Why Not?
    Anyone offended by “this” can simply NOT Watch … NOT pay attention to media relating to the sport. Watching The NFL / NBA is NOT a requirement to living in America in 2022. Doing so is a discretionary option one chooses. I have chosen NotTo do so.

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