Andre Iguodala Makes Outrageously Racist Comments About Warriors New ‘White Guy’

Andre Iguodala heads into another season where he’ll be a cheerleader on the Golden State Warriors bench. He is taking a different approach into the new season: being openly racist.

Earlier this offseason, the Warriors signed Donte DiVincenzo. The former Villanova standout was a starter on the Bucks 2020-21 NBA championship-winning team. Although he did tear a ligament early in the postseason.

He struggled to find his footing last season with the Sacramento Kings, but DiVincenzo’s résumé speaks for itself.

Iguodala, however, seems to only be worried about one thing: DiVincenzo’s skin color.

The NBA veteran wants you to know that DiVincenzo, despite the fact that he is white, is a good player.

“He’s really good. I have this funny thing with white players” Iguodala told The Athletic. “It’s like, ‘Yo, it ain’t too many of y’all that are really good.’ But he’s good. I’m like, ‘You’re one of the white guys that actually belong at a high level.'”

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Why Is No One Talking About Andre Iguodala’s Comments?

Apparently, Iguodala thinks it’s “funny” to call out players based on the color of their skin. The quote was originally published on Oct. 3. The fact that it isn’t getting any attention at all from the national media or even being mentioned by the talking heads on television tells you all you need to know.

If a white player in any sport on the planet said “I have this funny thing with black players” people at ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, you name it, would dedicate hours talking about it and call for the player to lose their job.

That won’t happen here, however, because the precedent has already been set when it comes to being racist toward DiVincenzo.

Bomani Jones, who somehow keeps getting paid to talk about ‘sports,’ was openly racist toward DiVincenzo back in 2018 and everyone just laughed.

“DiVincenzo comes in the game and the first thing I notice is his name is Donte and Donte has an ‘O’,” Jones told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2018. “That is not how it’s spelled by the author of the ‘Inferno.’ Then I watched him play and that was definitely a visual aesthetic of basketball that we typically associate with Black basketball players.”

When you watch the Warriors this season and DiVincenzo checks in, remember that it’s fair game to laugh at his skin color. That’s because Iguodala and the media approve of being openly racist toward white players.

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  1. As I recently said, most, not all, black people hate, dislike or resent Whites, Jews, and Asians. Why? They hate that we value family, fathers, education, ambition, and work ethic. Which, most times, translate into a successful life. That’s why BLM had on their website that they wanted to do away with all those Euro centric values. Who would ever respect an Iguodala? He’s a moron.

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