Donna Kelce Breaks NFL Schedule News On Facebook In Ultimate Mom Move … Or Does She?

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Donna Kelce — the star of Super Bowl LVII — may have leaked some details of the NFL schedule, which won’t be released until later this week.

Kelce, mother of Chiefs tight end Jason Kelce and Eagles center Jason Kelce (but you knew that), made a Facebook that appeared to allude to the upcoming schedule.

Kelce claimed that the Chiefs will play the Chicago Bears in one of two regular season games that are scheduled to take place over in Germany.

She also said in a comment on her original post that Week 2 will feature a Super Bowl rematch between the Chiefs and Bears.

Jason Kelce retweeted his mom’s post and told ESPN’s Adam Schefter to watch his back.

Seems as though there could be a new NFL insider ’round these parts… or does it?

Hold The Phone, Donna May Have Some Bad Intel

However. Donna Kelce’s credibility as a Big J journalist could take a hit when the schedule gets released. That’s because what she’s saying about the Chiefs and Bears game taking place in Germany, doesn’t jive with other reports.

NBC’s Peter King reported that the Chiefs had requested their meeting with Chicago not be moved to Germany. He said that the Chiefs wanted to protect the Bears game because the assumption is that there’s no need to games against the Bills, Bengals, and Eagles. That’s because the NFL would likely never let those be held overseas.

A game being played in Germany would kick off around 9:30 in the morning on the east coast. It would almost certainly take a hit in the rating compared to being held on Sunday afternoon or in primetime.

We’ll soon know if Donna Kelce is correct. The full schedule is supposed to come out on Thursday night.

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