Donna Kelce Debuts Her Gameday Fit In World’s Least Anticipated Tweet

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday, which means the stars are out in full force. The greater Scottsdale area has been turned into a runway that rivals those found in Milan, Paris, and any other pretentious fashion city you can think of. The biggest star of this year’s Super Bowl? Well, if you go by media coverage it’s Donna Kelce, by a mile.

Forget the game on the field, everyone (read: no one) has been waiting to see how Mrs. Kelce will cheer for both of her sons, Jason and Travis.

Folks, we have an answer:

And the crowd goes mild…

We’ve got a half-and-half get-up of sorts. I liked the cut-up jersey but that’s just me.

So, uh… is it time for football yet?

Donna Kelce
Media Darling Donna Kelce hands her sons cookies leading up to Super Bowl LVII. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Kelce Bowl Was The “Okay, We Get It” Storyline Of Super Bowl LVII

There always has to be one storyline that is run into the ground, and this year, it was the “Kelce Bowl.”

The woman who birthed a pair of NFLers — one on both sides of the ball — has gotten more media coverage than any mother any NFL mom who was not part of a Campbell’s Soup ad campaign.

In just two weeks, the media managed to bludgeon the public over the head with Donna Kelce coverage. The only thing I saw more leading up to the Super Bowl was that “WHOPPER, WHOPPER, WHOPPER, WHOPPER” Burger King.

It’s the first time two brothers have played against each other in a Super Bowl. We get it. I’ve heard that every second of every day since the Eagles beat the virtually quarterback-less 49ers and the Chiefs sealed a win thanks to a Joseph Ossai brain fart.

Here’s how the coverage should’ve gone:

“Hey, this is the first time two brothers are playing against each other in the Super Bowl. That means they have the same mom. Isn’t that neat… Anywho, let’s move on to several hours of discussion on what color the Gatorade is going to be…”

This may be mainstream media’s finest hour. How they managed to tire everyone out of a sweet old lady who’s proud of her talented sons into something people groan over is incredible.

We won’t see Mrs. Kelce during the coin toss as some fans wanted, but we will surely see her many, many times during the broadcast.

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