NFL Makes Major Announcement By Announcing That Their Schedule Announcement Is On Schedule

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On Monday, NBC Sports writer Peter King reported that the NFL schedule announcement might be delayed. However, the league quickly squashed that rumor by sending out an announcement.

It announced that it’s going to announce the schedule as scheduled. There will be a schedule announcement show and everything.

The league also changed its Twitter header photo and bio to reflect the schedule announcement.

NFL Twitter changes its header and bio to reflect that the NFL schedule release is indeed ... on schedule.
NFL Twitter changes its header and bio to reflect that the NFL schedule release is indeed … on schedule (Screenshot: Twitter/@NFL)

The NFL is clearly taunting us. Even it knows that releasing an announcement that an announcement is coming is ridiculous.

But the league did it anyway. Why? Because people — like me — yearn for every kernel of NFL content. You better believe I’m going to be dialed into that schedule release show Thursday night.

Partly because it’s my job. OK, mostly because it’s my job.

Still, could any other league pull this off? People plan holidays and vacations around the NFL schedule. That’s how powerful the machine is.

NFL schedule contains critical information necessary for people to make their holiday plans

This year, for example, the NFL is going to have its first Monday football triple header, according to King. They’ve played two games on Monday, but never three.

Why this year? Because Christmas falls on a Monday. And the NFL realized that it can dominate Christmas Day.

It’s only competition is the NBA and the NFL crushes the NBA regularly. In fact, the NFL had a Christmas triple header last season since the holiday fell on Sunday.

As expected, the games drew millions of viewers.

With three games slated for Thanksgiving and three games slated for Christmas Day, the people need to know who is playing and when.

Yes, the NFL put out an announcement saying that they had an announcement. And it reads like an “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” scene.

But the NFL is king. And it can announce whatever the hell it pleases.

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