Donna D’Errico Celebrates Her Birthday Month By Sharing Half Of Her Birthday Suit

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Don’t let the fact that Donna D’Errico is just a few weeks away from turning 55 distract you from the fact that she hasn’t lost much off her fastball. That’s not lost on her at all. She isn’t sitting around flipping through an AARP magazine.

Quite the opposite. D’Errico has embraced the modern age and the fact that she can wear a bikini and make millions – as she puts it – through customers who are willing to pay for her content.

Donna D'Errico OnlyFans
Donna D’errico attends Chiller Theatre Expo 30th Anniversary (Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images)

Anyone who expected her to pump the brakes as another year on the calendar passes by has another thing coming. D’Errico didn’t even wait for her birthday to arrive to set the tone. She’s getting way out in front of it.

The former Baywatch star shared what appears to be a look at herself enjoying her morning coffee in nothing but a pair of thin sweatpants. The caption reads, “It’s my birthday month so here’s me in half my birthday suit.”

Naturally, the hint at the actress’ birthday, and the very obvious suggestion that the content machine is going to roll on, directed her 1.7 million followers to the link in the bio.

The Half Birthday Suit Is Just Her Latest Content Offering

To think D’Errico made the decision to get on OnlyFans because of a hateful troll and Instagram repeatedly censoring her content is wild. But here we are.

Several months after she followed her former co-star Carmen Electra on to the platform and she’s still going strong. Here’s what she said at the time about the move, “Instagram took down a photo of mine the other day. And yet, they don’t do the same for all the bullying that goes on there.”

“So I just felt like it was a platform for me. I could be on social media, but I could control who sees what I post. I get to wear sexy lingerie and I just have fun with it all.”

The half birthday suit announcement comes on the heels of her going blonde to make some OnlyFans content in the rain earlier this year and her handing out some Valentine’s Day advice while falling out of her lingerie.

In other words, D’Errico’s foot is still firmly on her content pedal.

Written by Sean Joseph

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