Group Calls For Donald Trump To Be Investigated For Hosting LIV Golf Events At Courses He Owns, Which Seems Ludicrous

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Two of LIV Golf’s eight events in its inaugural season were held at Donald Trump-owned golf courses. With LIV Golf’s direct ties to Saudi Arabia and newly revealed details of the circuit’s funding, a group is calling for the former President to be investigated.

The Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) – a group set up by supporters of murdered journalist Jama Khashoggi – is calling on Congress and the Department of Justice to look into the “disturbing facts and circumstances” surrounding Trump’s ties to LIV Golf.

LIV Golf is funded by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund which is headed by the country’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). The United States has assumed Salman of approving the murder of Khashoggi in 2018.


During a court proceeding on January 13, it was revealed that the Saudi Public Investment Fund owns 93% of LIV and pays 100% of the costs associated with its events.

This would then mean that Trump was directly paid by the public fund and Salman for hosting two LIV Golf events in 2022.

“The revelation that a fund controlled by Crown Prince MBS actually owns almost all of LIV Golf means that MBS has been paying Donald Trump unknown millions for the past two years, via their mutual corporate covers,” Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of DAWN, told the Kansas City Star.

While it’s clear DAWN doesn’t like the fact that Trump was paid money by the Saudis to host a golf tournament on golf courses he owns, it appears its biggest gripe is the fact that he plans to run for President in 2024.

“If Trump or his agents discussed any deals with LIV Golf or PIF while Trump was still in office, a criminal investigation would also be in order because federal law strictly prohibits this sort of business dealing by sitting federal officials with foreign governments,” said Whitson.

“Given that Trump is also planning to run again for president, his business ties to Mohammed bin Salman are a national security emergency.”

Donald Trump participated in the LIV Golf event held at Trump Bedminster in New Jersey. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/LIV Golf via Getty Images)

The Double Standard And Witch Hunts Continue

Two things can be true at once, believe it or not.

Saudi Arabia has a deplorable human rights record and Salman should be held accountable for the alleged murder of Khashoggi and other disgusting actions.

However, Donald Trump, just like any other American, can conduct business as they see fit, especially when it involves businesses they own and operate.

The Saudi Public Investment Fund has also invested in companies including Facebook, Disney, Starbucks, and is the primary owner of Newcastle United in the Premier League, for what it’s worth.

The situation between LIV Golf, the PGA Tour, 9/11 families, and the golf world as a whole is ugly and will continue to be until some sort of order is resolved in the court.


With that being said, an investigation into Trump’s business dealings involving golf courses he owns seems like yet another political witch hunt that will result in nothing.

But let’s all remember that it’s fine, even encouraged, to bash Trump’s business doings but unacceptable to question Nancy Pelosi’s insider trading or Hunter Biden being paid millions by Ukraine based on nothing but his last name.

Those three things aren’t related to one another whatsoever, but then again they absolutely are given only one of the three scenarios will be discussed by mainstream media and the other two will only be talked about by Americans who still possess common sense.

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