DK Metcalf’s Non-Commital About Idea Of Kaepernick In Seattle

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Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf believes Colin Kaepernick will get another opportunity in the NFL, but he stopped short of campaigning for the former quarterback to take snaps in Seattle.

“I would tell you if they brought him in, like I have no say so and I’m gonna have to, you know, play with him and get along with him,” Metcalf said when asked by Shannon Sharpe if he’d be open to having Kaepernick in the locker room, via the Club Shay Shay podcast.

Jeez, he sounds thrilled about the idea of catching passes from a 34-year old has-been.

Metcalf’s lukewarm comments came after Sharpe insinuated that Kaepernick is currently on a publicity tour, something even casual NFL fans have come to realize over the last couple months. Though he has not been in the league for six years, Kaepernick’s been throwing footballs all over the country – always with a camera, microphone, and sob story close by.

He’s like an act,” Sharpe said of Kaepernick. “He’s like Lil Baby or Lil Durk. He’s on tour. He’s in San Francisco. He’s in Seattle. He was in Atlanta. He’s just going all over the place.”

On this topic, Sharpe seems to be in agreement with Antonio Brown, who just last week condemned the camera-happy activist for settling a collusion lawsuit with the NFL for tens of millions of dollars in 2019, while still seeking the fame associated with the league.

He don’t wanna play, man. He was trash,” said Brown.

Former pro Shawne Merriman agreed, saying Brown made “some valid points.”

When Sharpe asked Metcalf whether Kaepernick deserves another chance in the NFL, Metcalf responded: “Oh 100%, everybody deserves a second chance at anything that they do, in my opinion so…”

Though of the opinion that Kap (or anyone else) should get a second chance, Metcalf — currently slated to catch passes from Drew Lock or Geno Smith — didn’t exactly pound the table for that chance to come in Seattle.

“Somebody’s gonna take a chance and give him another opportunity,” added Metcalf.

Chances are, that somebody will have to keep the cameras rolling. Though NFL teams all have 53 players, Kaepernick is always a one-man show.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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