Antonio Brown On Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Comeback: ‘F*ck Outta Here’

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Free agent receiver Antonio Brown isn’t about to kneel down to Colin Kaepernick.

Citing Kaepernick’s Nike endorsement, lawsuit with the NFL and on-again/off-again activism, Brown says Kaepernick, who’s been out of the league since 2016, should stay out.

“He don’t wanna play, man. He was trash,” Brown said of the former quarterback during an interview with Naji on Cigar Talk.

Unlike Kaepernick’s arm, Brown’s take is accurate. Kap, 34, has relied on taking a knee to distract from his on-field performance. He has a career completion percentage of just under 60% and a 3-16 record in his last 19 NFL starts.

Nevertheless, he supposedly wants another shot in the NFL, or at least more attention. And a second go-round in the league is not something Brown’s prepared to give.

“We don’t feel sorry for you. You took the deal,” Brown said of Kaepernick’s 2019 collusion lawsuit with the NFL. “F*ck outta here!”

“‘Ohh, Kaepernick,'” Brown joked to Naji, mocking those who whine in defense of the ex-QB. “Man, you on f*cking Nike, man. F*ck outta here.”

If you didn’t already realize it, Brown thinks that Kaepernick’s efforts as both a quarterback and activist are similar — they were both phony ploys for attention.

Kaepernick may not have been in the league in six years, but he’s already lost the locker room.

Written by Anthony Farris

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