Aaron Hernandez’s Brother Arrested Over School Shooting Fears: REPORT

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Aaron Hernandez’s brother D.J. reportedly was arrested after authorities feared he might have been planning multiple school shootings.

Police took D.J. into custody July 19 after multiple alleged threats were made, and a woman told police he had gone to UConn and Brown University to see classrooms and buildings instead of a scheduled court date, according to Bristol Police Department documents reviewed by TMZ. A person told the police it was possible D.J. went to the locations to plan a school shooting.

He also posted a message on social media that stated, “Will I kill? Absolutely, I’ve warned my enemies so pay up front.” Police made contact with him and he allegedly began threatening officers at the scene.

D.J. Hernandez has been arrested multiple times over the past few months. (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

Police take D.J. Hernandez into custody after public safety concerns.

Hernandez, who has a long history of legal issues, was eventually tasered after shouting at people to shoot him. He was booked on charges of threatening and breach of peace and hit with a $250,000 bond, according to the same report.

D.J. Hernandez is also accused of sending a message in early July that stated, “We’re taking lives if sh*t isn’t paid up. It’s been years in planning just taking notes, names and locations. They talked their way into this and it’s almost point game.”

The former Patriots TE’s brother is also accused of showing signs of being “gravely disabled and a danger to society.”

D.J. Hernandez is now set to be in court next week on the matter. This situation marks his fourth arrest over the last few months.

D.J. Hernandez arrested over school shooting and public safety concerns. (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

He was previously arrested for leading police on a car chase, allegedly throwing a brick on the ESPN campus and was also arrested after allegedly missing a court date earlier in July. Now, he’s been arrested over fears he could have been planning a mass shooting. It certainly appears D.J. Hernandez needs some serious help.

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