Dems Running Out Of Ideas, Want Grant Hill, Dwyane Wade To Run For Office In Florida

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Democrats are reportedly trying to lure ex-NBA players Grant Hill and Dwyane Wade into politics.

According to NBC News, the party is in desperate need of finding some viable candidates to run against Republican Sen. Rick Scott. Seeing as the list of viable candidates is so incredibly short, leading some to turn to virtue-signaling athletes.

Hill and Wade have reportedly been on the receiving end of attempts to get them to enter the political arena. However, this was supposedly not the work of the Democratic Party at the national or state level. Instead, it’s an idea being kicked around by party operatives and donors.

It’s no secret that Republicans have owned Florida elections for the past few years. This is the ultimate sign of how badly Dems are down in the Sunshine State. They know they can’t defeat Republicans with their policies — which as we’ve seen in places like California and New York aren’t exactly doing so great — so they turn to names people know.

Unless whether or not a candidate played for an in-state NBA team is a key issue for Florida voters, Grant Hill or Dwyane Wade don’t seem like great political candidates. (Getty Images)

Wade And Hill Are Being Courted For Their Names, Not Their Policies

“Grant Hill has great name ID. He would raise a boatload of money and is one of the smartest guys you will ever meet,” Orlando-based trial attorney and national Democratic donor John Morgan told NBC News. “Grant Hill would beat the s— out of Rick Scott.”

Athletes have run before and will run again, but when you’re trying to court athletes to run for office based on “name ID” and ability to “raise a boatload of money” there’s a problem.

Neither one seems to have the ability to dethrone top Republicans. That said, Hill would seem to be the better option of the two and has been a supporter of Democratic candidates in the past.

Wade, on the other hand, has become a preeminent wokester. That makes him an attractive candidate to progressives, but a complete joke to everyone else.

Still, it’s an insult to voters’ intelligence to want to run candidates like Wade or Hill based on their names and status as professional athletes, and not what they can bring to the political table that will improve people’s everyday lives. God forbid they try to appeal to voters with policies or ideas.

Nope. The only reason they’re even on the radar is that they think they can con enough Heat or Magic fans will vote based on their hoops careers.

Some undoubtedly will, but the rest should be insulted.

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